Groundwater: 2 of 25

 The Uganda Drilling Contractors’ Association was formed to help raise professional standards among the country’s water well drillers

The importance of African drilling contractor associations

Why is the work of Uganda Drilling Contractors' Association so important to African water supply

17 January 2024

 African piped water supply systems require boreholes that yield more water than the humble hand pump does

African groundwater transitions - Will drilling quality meet future requirements

Kerstin Danert asks if water well drilling quality in Africa will meet future requirements

16 January 2024

 Drillers from WB + AD Morgan (now Igne) drilling a borehole for a water well at commercial agricultural premises at Heartsease, Nr Brampton

The rising demand for commercial boreholes

Are commercial abstraction boreholes evolving from a choice to an essential requirement

15 January 2024

 Successful well drilling is dependent upon proper planning from the very outset

10 essential steps to successful water well drilling

Richard Lane, of Drift Services Group, provides a blueprint for water well drilling success

15 January 2024

 Analysts are suggesting that for many oil-rich Middle Eastern nations the drilling of new artesian wells will have a bigger priority than the drilling of new oil wells in coming years

African and Middle East drilling sectors set for growth

Could drilling water wells surpass oil well drilling in the Middle East in coming years

10 January 2024

 The addition of a DM250 rig to Down The Hole Testing And Drilling’s fleet allows the team to drill larger holes faster

Speed and drill safety solidify sustained growth spurt

Upgrading to a newer rig brings increased efficiency and safety for a water well drilling contractor

08 January 2024

 Many water well drills use mud rotary drilling, which relies on properly mixed drilling mud

Everything you need to know about "mud"

Drilling mud - what is it, why use it and where and how to use it - a comprehensive guide

06 December 2023

 In a first move away from drilling for fossil fuels, ExxonMobil has announced plans to develop boreholes to extract lithium from brine

ExxonMobil drilling first lithium well in Arkansas

Major North American oil and gas producer begins move to domestic lithium production

20 November 2023


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