Drillers in Paris

Intermat, the international exhibition for construction and infrastructure, returns to Paris Nord Villepinte, France, on April 23 -28, 2018. GDI has listed some of the key companies in the drilling industry taking part in the event
Drillers in Paris Drillers in Paris Drillers in Paris Drillers in Paris Drillers in Paris


Bauer Maschinen

Main business sector: The Bauer Maschinen Group develops and manufactures specialist foundation engineering equipment. Bauer Maschinen - the holding company for a number of subsidiaries - designs and builds large-diameter drilling rigs, duty-cycle cranes, trench cutters, grabs and vibrators, as well as the related tooling, at its plants in southern Germany. The company also operates manufacturing facilities in the US, Russia, China, Malaysia, Italy, Singapore and Turkey.

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Bauer BG 15 H and BG 36 rotary drilling rigs, as well as Klemm KR 702-2R drilling rig with PowerPack

Stand: Ext5 D 037



Beretta Alfredo

Main business sector: Manufacturer of drilling rigs for foundation engineering, geotechnical, water wells and exploration

Stand: 5A E 111




Main business sector: Manufacturer of hydraulic drill rigs

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: To give visitors an idea of the variety and the versatility of its range, Comacchio is showcasing drill rig models that will range from small soil-investigation rigs such as the GEO 305 to large-diameter piling rigs such as the CH 450.

The CH 450 is a multipurpose rig that can be supplied in various configurations to better meet the implemented drilling technology. At Intermat, Comacchio will display a CH 450 in a special continuous flight auger (CFA) configuration, designed for the construction of CFA piles up to a diameter of 1,000mm and up to 24m depth.

The display of foundation equipment will also include several units of its MC line of products, designed for small and medium-diameter drilling applications such as micropiles, anchors and jet grouting. Along with some mainstay products such as the MC 8, visitors will be able to see two recent additions to this line-up, the MC 15 P and the MC 9. The MC 15 P (where ‘P' stands for ‘Power Plus') has been conceived as the heavy-duty version of the MC 15, offering increased performance due to the more powerful engine (168kW). Due to the powerful motorisation and to the use of advanced modular hydraulic circuits, the MC 15 P can utilise a wide range of rotary heads, hydraulic drifters, vibro heads, water and mud pumps, and is suitable for rotary and rotary-percussive drilling. It is particularly suitable for operation with heavy-duty double-head systems. The MC 9 has been designed with a focus on earth retention projects. The machine is mounted on extendable crawler tracks (1,800-26,00 mm). Its advanced mast articulation design incorporates a ‘long reach' double boom and two slewing rings, supporting an infinite number of mast positions to handle restricted or difficult access locations. The MC 9 is suited for anchoring projects with both rotary and rotary-percussive drilling techniques, in particular for fast, single-step anchoring works using self-drilling hollow-bar system, as well as conventional drilling in difficult access job sites.

The company's range of soil-investigation rigs will be represented by the GEO 305, which can be used for a variety of drilling techniques, including coring and in-situ testing, in all ground conditions. Its robust structure, 5t mast and 55kW engine make it a powerful, yet compact soil-investigation rig. All Comacchio drill rigs on display will be equipped with new-generation engines complying with EU Stage IV/US EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.

Stand: 5A E 081




Main business sector: Hydraulic drifters

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Selection of drifters for stone quarrying, mining and bolting

Stand: 5A E 071




Main business sector: Drilling heads

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: The new RH15X and RH4X, as well as the RH6X, RHV1500 and HD1002

Stand: 5A E 081



Gemmo Group

Main business sector: Manufacturing of tracked undercarriages

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Undercarriages and fog cannons

Stand: 5A M046



Jean Lutz

Main business sector: Foundation and geotechnical instrumentation

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: New software display for drilling parameters recording and geotechnical surveys on wireless data logger ADN, the DIALOG versatile data logger and much more

Stand: 5A B 111



Klemm Bohrtechnik

Main business sector: Development and manufacturing of drilling rigs for special foundations

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Technical enhancement of confined access drill rig KR 702-2R

Stand: E5 D 037




Main business sector: Drilling measurement while and after drilling

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Liebherr presents its new piling and drilling rig type LRB 16 suitable for the diverse requirements of deep foundation work. It has a compact design and comes with a range of available assistance systems, which ease the work on the job site.

The LRB 16 gets its name from the sledge's travel distance, which is approximately 16m. Special emphasis is on the compact design of the LRB 16 with an operating weight of barely 48t, which results in low ground pressure. The robust undercarriage offers excellent stability, which can be further increased with the optional rear supports. 

The new piling and drilling rig is installed with a Liebherr diesel engine. It has a 390kW/523hp and meets with the currently valid emission regulations. In comparison to earlier models, the LRB 16 has a reduced engine speed of about 1,700rpm.  

The proven parallel kinematics, which have been installed in many piling and drilling rigs from Liebherr, have a large working area and enable the leader to be folded back. The rigid leader of approximately 12.5m absorbs high torque and is fitted with a rope crowd system for high pull forces of up to 200kN. Furthermore, the quick connection system allows for the rapid fitting or exchange of working tools.

The LRB 16 can be easily transported in one piece, including mounted counterweight, and has a transport weight of only 43.5t. This ensures quick set-up on site as well as flexibility in transferring the machine between different job sites. As an option the complete loading and set-up processes can be carried out via remote control, which means only one person is required.

One of the most frequent types of application for the LRB 16 is the installation of slurry walls with the aid of Liebherr's vibrator type LV 20. Additionally, the machine is suitable for other common foundation work including drilling with continuous flight auger, double rotary head or kelly bar, soil mixing, and piling work with a hydraulic hammer.

With a longer leader, the piling and drilling rig is also now available as an LRB 18.

Stand: E6 B 056




Main business sector: Drilling measurement while and after drilling

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: PressioLIM AUTO Menard pressuremeter, PocketLIM data recorder, borehole logging equipment/NaviLIM drill navigation system (high-accuracy GPS)

Stand: 5A AB 096



Mincon Group

Main business sector: Mincon manufactures and distributes a range of precision-engineered hard rock drilling tools for a variety of industries, including mining, exploration, water well, geothermal, construction, horizontal directional drilling, oil & gas and energy

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Extensive range of precision-engineered hard rock drilling tools, including the world's largest down-the-hole (DTH) hammer, the Mincon MP340, and the patented Spiral Flush overburden casing advancement systems

Stand: 5A C 162




Main business sector: Manufacturer of drilling consumables

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Wide range of drilling consumables

Stand: Hall 5A, Stand B 058



Rockmore International

Main business sector: Manufacturer of down-the-hole (DTH) hammers and bits

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Rockmore International will introduce the 5in-class ROK 550T, the newest addition to its T Series DTH hammer line, to the European market.

The Rockmore T Series DTH hammers are ‘tubeless' and utilise drill bits with industry standard shank connections without the imbedded plastic blow tube/foot valve.

In 2017, Rockmore released the ROK 60T-360T hammers that utilise the IR 360 bit shank without the blow tube/foot valve.

Now, Rockmore has extended the T series to the new ROK 550T, a 5in (127mm) class hammer model, which uses the industry standard QL5/QL50 bit shank, but with the blow tube/foot valve removed. With high-performance drilling characteristics rated for drilling 5.5-6in (140-152mm) diameter holes, Rockmore states that the ROK 550T is suitable for blasthole applications in the mining and construction sectors and for deep-hole drilling in the water-well and geothermal sectors.

As with all Rockmore DTH hammers, the new ROK 550T uses Rockmore's SonicFlow technology, which optimises airflow by simplifying and streamlining the air paths to minimise back flow and turbulence, thus delivering more energy to the piston. The company explained that field testing of the SonicFlow design was determined to result in faster penetration rates and greater overall DTH hammer efficiency.

Stand: 5A CD 133




Main business sector: Design, manufacture and distribution of equipment for the ground engineering industry

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: SM-6 microdrilling machine

Stand: Hall 5A, Stand D111



Stenuick International

Main business sectors: Manufacturer of drilling rigs and equipment for water-well and geothermal drilling, foundations and ground consolidation, geotechnical investigations, quarries, mining etc.

Stand: 5A D115




Main business sector: A manufacturer of high-quality machines for underground installation and trenchless pipe rehabilitation

Exhibiting/launching/announcing: Focusing on ‘Smart NODIG solutions for your applications', Tracto-Technik will be presenting its complete range of products and services for the trenchless installation and renewal of pipes.

The Tracto-Technik steerable drilling product line ranges from the compact and mobile Grundodrill 4X bore rig to the powerful Grundodrill 28Nplus horizontal directional drilling (HDD) system. One of the highlights in the HDD machine family is the Grundodrill 18ACS, which works highly efficiently in alternating soils, as well as in the hardest rock, offering reduced operating costs and construction times compared to similar drilling rigs.

To address the challenge of developing an urban underground network, the Grundodrill 11XP was designed. Its slim construction is suitable for applications in inner-city areas. The machine makes parallel installations up to 500m long possible, with crossings beneath rivers and waterbodies being completed frequently. The steering technology even enables bores underneath industrial complexes.

Stand: E5 F 025



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