DAT designs new 'wide-screen' datalogger

DAT instruments, an Italian company that offers instrumentation and software for special foundations, has introduced its new 18.5in (470mm) touchscreen datalogger, the DAT WideLog
DAT designs new 'wide-screen' datalogger DAT designs new 'wide-screen' datalogger DAT designs new 'wide-screen' datalogger DAT designs new 'wide-screen' datalogger DAT designs new 'wide-screen' datalogger

The DAT WideLog was designed based on a specific request from a horizontal drilling job site, where the client needed to record different parameters and display them simultaneously on one screen. This led to the creation of a wider monitor, among other improvements.

The DAT WideLog's main characteristic is the 18.5in touchscreen monitor, which can display different graphs, numerical values, needle indicators and everything the operator needs to execute all drilling and grouting phases with high precision.

The screen is designed for construction site use; it is resistant and can be also used wearing gloves. The full HD monitor can visualise a lot of different data simultaneously, with graphs giving an immediate view of the maximum, medium and minimum values.

Data can be transmitted via USB or the internet. The DAT WideLog is equipped with Ethernet access and a Wi-Fi antenna for internet connection. It is also possible to install a 3G/4G modem. During operation data is transferred from every single hole, and it is available in the office in real time. The data can be displayed on all types of devices: PCs, smartphones or tablets; all files are compatible with Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice Calc.

The new datalogger is designed to work in extremely high or low temperatures, and in the most varied climatic and working conditions.

It is suitable for all applications that would usually require more than one datalogger, including jet grouting, cement injections, grouting, drilling, DAC tests, continuous flight auger, deep mixing, soil mixing, vibroflotation, diaphragm walls, hydromills, Lugeon and Lefranc tests.


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