Bauer redesigns BG 15 H ValueLine

Bauer has completely redesigned its BG 15 H to specifically fulfil the requirement for a highly functional and cost-effective machine in the small drilling rig segment.
Bauer redesigns BG 15 H ValueLine Bauer redesigns BG 15 H ValueLine Bauer redesigns BG 15 H ValueLine Bauer redesigns BG 15 H ValueLine Bauer redesigns BG 15 H ValueLine

Bauer BG 15 H ValueLine

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

For this new generation of drilling rigs, Bauer continues to rely on the 186kW Caterpillar diesel engines due to the strong performance and low fuel consumption it offers. The optimally adjusted hydraulic system has already proved itself in practical deployment on the "big-sister-rig" - the Bauer BG 26 - and has a direct impact on fuel consumption, too.

A potential drilling depth of up to 21m in single-layer winch operation significantly reduces wear. And even with up to 4m long drill strings during cased Kelly drilling, the redesign from Bauer increases efficiency.

The Bauer BG 15 H is available in two different configurations; the standard model, for example, not only offers a drilling depth of 32m but also the option of "drilling under the mast." The "upgraded version" provides the option of a drilling depth of up to 44m and the CFA drilling process.

A highlight is the BT 50 base carrier, completely redesigned and re-manufactured by Bauer, it now offers a range of benefits. The integrated service platform allows easy access to all maintenance and service points in the uppercarriage and, at the same time, meets the highest standards in terms of occupational safety. Combined with a transport width of just 2.5m this system is unique.

During the redesign, Bauer also focused on operator comfort. All essential work functions can now be controlled via joystick, while the displays, operational controls and the air-sprung operator seat form an ergonomic unit.


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