Aarsleff's plant investment

Aarsleff Ground Engineering has taken delivery of a new Klemm 909-3G drilling rig, along with a Putzmeister P11 concrete pump, and a CX 4/10 colloidal mixer. These new plant additions enhance Aarsleff’s ground engineering capability within the UK allowing it to deliver a high standard of performance for its clients across the country.
Aarsleff's plant investment Aarsleff's plant investment Aarsleff's plant investment Aarsleff's plant investment Aarsleff's plant investment

Aarsleff's Klemm 909-3G drilling rig

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

Vital to the performance of Aarsleff and its comprehensive ground package offering is its fleet of geotechnical and piling rigs. "We are always looking at how we can renew and update our plant and have a good track record for trialling different machines, for successfully reducing the overall age of our fleet and for making the most of inter-company transfers," says Jody Parkin, Aarsleff's operations director.

The 909-3G is one of Klemm's flagship multi-purpose drilling rigs, featuring fully remote-control operation and dual head drilling units. It is a compact and powerful drilling rig that is easily adaptable for a variety of tasks, including ground anchors, soil nails, drilling and grouting and SFA piles.

Aarsleff first became interested in purchasing a Klemm 909 rig at the Bauer Exhibition 2018 where its UK plant manager, Steve Wilkinson, was able to get a closer look. Wilkinson commented: "These types of drilling rigs have a wide range of capability and will certainly satisfy the boost in demand for our geotechnical services. We already utilise multiple Klemm drilling rigs in our fleet, and we are excited to now add the 909 (drilling rig) to our fleet."

Parkin, who also attended the exhibition, added: "We looked at various machines at the exhibition, including the larger bored piling rigs, but felt that the Klemm 909 suited us a lot more and was considerably more dexterous in terms of capacity, capability and disciplines."