LSGT+HDA launched by Lone Star Drills

Listening to customer requests has led to Lone Star Drills updating an existing model to create a new tracked, remote-controlled drill rig.
LSGT+HDA  launched by Lone Star Drills LSGT+HDA  launched by Lone Star Drills LSGT+HDA  launched by Lone Star Drills LSGT+HDA  launched by Lone Star Drills LSGT+HDA  launched by Lone Star Drills

The LSGT+HDA is remotely controlled, allowing users to operate the drill from a safe distance or location within line of sight of the rig

Lone Star Drills made use of the recent CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 to introduce its an all-new tracked drill with an automatic SPT hammer for improved accuracy in geotechnical and soil sampling applications.

The LSGT+HDA drill is based on one of Lone Star Drills' most popular units, the LST1G+HDA. Now, with the addition of tracks and a remote-controlled feature to the drill, operators can position it in hard-to-reach areas and locations with delicate underfoot and maintain levelling control with hydraulics.

Lone Star designed the drill to address the growing demand from customers wanting to access remote or environmentally sensitive areas. National parks, delicate turf, wet or soft soil and other restricted sites often present problems, as the ground cannot be disturbed by a large truck and trailer. The tracked LST1G+HDA provides an ideal solution for accomplishing soil sampling or geotechnical testing in those sensitive areas.

The tracks spread the drill's weight and lower its ground pressure to 3.8psi, minimising the risk of damage to the underfoot while completing soil sampling or geotechnical testing in sensitive areas. The tracks also minimise the risk of the drill getting stuck in soft ground conditions.

"We wanted to provide a solution to customers who were limited by a truck-mounted geotechnical drill," said Joe Haynes, Little Beaver's president. "The LST1G+HDA drill itself is a durable machine, but we wanted to make a more versatile version for all customers."

Hydraulic levelling is another feature new to the LSGT+HDA. Operators can raise the machine until it is level thanks to a cylinder on each corner and a telescoping jack. The ability to individually adjust the corners allows for operation on uneven ground. Maintaining true vertical hole alignment is critical for accurate SPT results.

Travel is remotely controlled, allowing users to operate the drill from a safe distance or location within line of sight of the rig. The remote is battery powered and includes a 50ft tether cord in case of battery power loss.

The LSGT+HDA allows for precise and easy-to-operate drilling for standard penetration test and soil sampling. The drill comes standard with a 140lb automatic hammer and is capable of sampling down to 100ft. The versatile machine can also be used with Little Beaver's split spoon samplers and AWJ drilling rod for obtaining core samples or conducting geotechnical testing and environmental soil sampling.

Little Beaver offers a wealth of auger options to adapt to varying applications. Solid stem augers are available in 3in to 8in diameters and hollow stem augers are available in 6in and 8in diameters. The hollow stem augers, which can drill to 60ft, feature a 2.75in or 3.75in internal diameter for collecting samples without the risk of contamination from surrounding soil. The LSGT+ HDA's standard configuration allows for dry auger boring with the use of a solid or hollow stem auger.

The drill is also capable of mud rotary boring using an optional mud pump, swivel and bit.

The operator can make simple adjustments to achieve and maintain ideal push-down force when drilling in challenging conditions as a result of the drill's bypass flow control system. Additionally, an optional anchor kit enables the LSGT+HDA to deliver push-down force up to 8,500lbs, exceeding the weight of the drill rig. The drill also features an 8,500lb lifting capacity for the hassle-free removal of augers and extensions. The hinged shuttle plate allows the operator to swing the rotary out of the way, providing easy access to the borehole.

A 27hp Kohler EFI gas engine powers the drill, which includes a powerful 3,000psi hydraulic system. The drill's 12.5gpm hydraulic power pack achieves a rotary speed of 100rpm. The system provides the drill's hydraulic winch with 1,500lbs of pull for raising the automatic hammer and sampling string. A diesel option will also be available.

Little Beaver designed the LSGT+HDA for longevity and ease of use. The frame, rotary and swivel are constructed of high-strength welded steel for enhanced durability, and all crucial maintenance and greasing points are easily accessible.

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