A new soil sampling rig enters the stage

Working on feedback supplied by UK drill rig operator, Borehole Solutions, Nordmeyer GEOTOOL has created the multi-purpose GTR FSX soil investigation test drill rig as the latest addition to its product range.
A new soil sampling  rig enters the stage A new soil sampling  rig enters the stage A new soil sampling  rig enters the stage A new soil sampling  rig enters the stage A new soil sampling  rig enters the stage

The pulling bridge on the Nordmeyer GEOTOOL GTR FSX in action with the SPT-hammer being tilted backwards

The GTR FSX soil sampling rig is the latest addition to the Nordmeyer GEOTOOL drill fleet. This new model is a rugged, compact unit designed for use in tight spaces and over rough terrain.

Nordmeyer GEOTOOL has many answers to today's questions in the soil investigation and soil sampling sector. The Berlin-based rig manufacturer has an industry-wide reputation for building some of the most creative custom drill rigs, designed to help make projects faster and more efficient, thereby saving purchasers of the company's rigs time and money.

The multi-purpose GTR FSX soil investigation test drill rig allows engineers to take advantage of two testing technologies, SPT as well as dynamic soil sampling.

The GTR FSX uses a pneumatic 63.5kg SPT drop hammer with a 750mm free fall before making contact. The pneumatic hammer is powered by two strong compressors. This rig allows for up to 42-blow counts per minute. The compressed air is also used for additional tooling the drillers need such as pneumatic percussive tools.

The Nordmeyer GEOTOOL drop hammer has a very important advantage over many other drilling rigs in the industry. The drop weight is lifted by air only, the testing mass of 63.5kg is laying on the rod in the steady phase. No additional chains nor hydraulic motors are needed to lift the weight. This allows the operator to visually verify that the weight is falling from the height specified and, therefore, accurately performs the SPT testing according to ISO 22476-3.

For the first time in its 30-year history, Nordmeyer GEOTOOL will not resort to an external pulling jack for rod pulling. For rod extraction, a pulling bridge is applied with a 1,300mm lifting stroke. The pulling bridge offers the opportunity to lift entire rods unscrewed from the ground into the air being able to access the very first metre without unscrewing the above rods.

This new innovation of the pulling bridge is comprised of two jacking cylinders, which are lined up with the drill hole. This way the moment of force is nearly zero preventing breakage and abrasion, as well as higher pulling forces to up to 19t, can be applied.

The mast is backed by two adjustable legs, which offer the possibility of readjusting the mast to centre the rods if necessary. This is also a great option for drilling on uneven ground; it is a quick process to level the drill.

The mast can be put in two different operational modes; drilling or pulling. While drilling, the pulling bridge is inclined forward making way for the drop hammer to move downwards. Once the rod is fully injected in the ground, the pneumatic weight is moved upwards and the mast is tilted backwards to ensure the pulling bridge is in line with the borehole. Once the rod extraction process begins - there is no moving of the drill rig and swinging of any drop weight units. A few angles lay between the two positions of the mast making the operation between drilling and pulling fast and easy.

 he drop weigh unit driven all the way down with the pulling bridge being tilted forward The drop weigh unit driven all the way down with the pulling bridge being tilted forward


Borehole Solutions, a UK-based drilling company, acted as consultants during the design and build phase. With its extensive experience in the soil sampling sector, Borehole Solutions was able to provide important insights into the development of this new rig. Borehole Solutions is an innovator with a history of setting industry standards and changing the perception of soil sampling in general.

Production of the new GTR FSX is set for late summer 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has postponed the further development of the prototype, which now is completed.

Nordmeyer GEOTOOL is actively planning live demonstrations within the near future. It is also happy to announce that Borehole Solutions has agreed to purchase the first eight rigs off the production line for upcoming work.

Nordmeyer GEOTOOL together with Borehole Solutions hope to set new industry standards with the GTR FSX.

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