Atlas Copco boosts DrillAir compressor efficiency

A look at the latest updates Atlas Copco has introduced on its mobile compressor range and how they can benefit the drilling sector

 Atlas Copco’s XPR system extends the pressure band of the Y35 DrillAir compressor from 15 up to 35 bar

Atlas Copco’s XPR system extends the pressure band of the Y35 DrillAir compressor from 15 up to 35 bar

Atlas Copco has introduced Stage V compliant diesel engines to its DrillAir range of high-pressure portable compressors. Mainly used for ground engineering, pipeline services, water well and geothermal drilling; the DrillAir range encompasses several large compressor models with operating pressures between 20-35 bar and flows from 20.6-42m3/min. Additionally, Atlas Copco has applied the new Xc4004 Smart Air controller to this compressor range. These developments, in combination with the AirXpert 2.0 performance management system, mean that drilling companies can both reduce engine emission levels and improve operating performance.

"Our unique DrillAir product portfolio is greatly appreciated by many drillers, who not only rely on our compressor's reliability; but have also become accustomed to their outstanding performance and total cost of ownership," said Hendrik Timmermans, vice-president marketing for Atlas Copco's Portable Air division. "The range has now been further enhanced with the addition of Stage V compliant engines, Xc4004 and AirXpert 2.0; enabling operators to finish jobs in record time."


Atlas Copco has introduced Stage V compliant diesel engines to its DrillAir range of high-pressure portable compressors

Following the latest emission regulations, a Stage V compliant Scania engine will now feature at the heart of all new DrillAir compressors, with the exception of the Y35 and V39 models that will be Stage V compliant in a later phase. This introduction boosts the efficiency of the DrillAir compressors from 3 to 4.5 per cent.

Stage V

In applications where fuel expenses are calculated per meter drilled, it is key to have the best in class efficient compressor as feed air for any drill rig. Atlas Copco goes beyond introducing Stage V compatible engines. The V21 and H23 DrillAir compressors feature the newest in-house designed Atlas Copco air element, further increasing efficiency levels by another two per cent.

In addition, the patented XPR system (Extended Pressure Range) extends the pressure band of the Y35 DrillAir compressor from 15 up to 35 bar. Consequently, the Y35 can be used for a variety of applications; making it the preferred choice for rental companies seeking to increase their return on investment.

The IP67 rating of Drillair motors increases the reliability of the improved and patented AirXpert 2.0 performance management system. Fewer connections and a more robust design protect the system from vibrations and shocks. This performance management system boosts productivity, either by providing additional flow or by stabilising either flow or pressure. 

For added peace of mind, the three-layer corrosion protected canopy is C3 certified following a 460 hours salt spray test. Finally, the small footprint of DrillAir compressors enables drillers to combine their feed air compressor and drill rig on one truck, making it easy to manoeuvre around rough terrain while minimising transport expenses and time. These features greatly improve the resale value of any DrillAir compressor; further improving the return on investment.

Putting users in complete control with Smart Air Xc4004

Atlas Copco has launched the new Smart Air Xc4004 controller on all its large and speciality air compressors with flows from 20 to 128 m3/min (700 to 4,500cfm) and pressures up to 345 bar (5,000psi). The innovative and powerful controller increases the efficiency of operations by providing powerful insights and features an easy-to-use interface that puts users in full control. one Xc4004 controller replaces seven different controller models from the past. A secondary point-of-use controller unit is also available and provides users with the option to remotely operate their portable compressors, for instance in drilling applications.


The Xc4004 controller supports all of Atlas Copco's regulation systems increasing efficiency

"The Smart Air Xc4004 controller features our latest innovations. We believe a controller should put you in complete control while being intuitive, and most importantly easy to use and navigate," said Hendrik Timmermans. "Smart controls also protect your investment and improve your efficiency, while drastically decreasing the operating costs of equipment through advanced insights."

The 7in controller display allows a simultaneous view of several parameters, including pressure and flow. Consequently, there is no need to toggle around to check the flow at a certain pressure. Additionally, top structured alarm settings allow for operation monitoring. Finally, the navigation is available in 30 languages, covering Atlas Copco's global presence.

By supporting all Atlas Copco regulating systems like the new AirXpert 2.0 and the pneumatic regulation system; the Xc4004 smart air controller increases efficiency significantly. The Xc4004 controller boosts fuel efficiency further by the auto load/unload and start/stop functionality.

By checking the engine condition, the auto diagnostic function in the Xc4004 controller actively increases uptime. In addition, users can monitor no less than 15 key parameters. Quick access to historical trends helps users to perform operational analysis and assists with scheduling preventive maintenance, resulting in improved uptime and efficiency.

Users can also access several parameters through a second control unit that could, for example, be mounted at a drill rig. Through this second point-of-use controller, operators can manage the eco-mode, dynamic flow boost, multi-pressure/flow settings and emergency stop. This remote monitoring can be hard-wired or through RRC radio connection.

The Xc4004 smart air controller display is anti-glare, freeze-free and IP67 rated, providing the necessary protection from water, dust and dirt contamination. To further increase reliability, Atlas Copco designed the controller to be compact and contain limited connectors. No matter where the compressor is required to operate, the controller will rise to the challenge.