Small steps

I might only venture out from my home to buy food, but thanks to telephones, instant messaging, emails, skype and more besides, I do not feel as though I am cut-off during these ongoing months of isolation.
Small steps Small steps Small steps Small steps Small steps

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Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

Thanks to these various forms of electronic communication I'm having lots of conversations. However, unfortunately, they all at some point touch on the one subject that is dominating society across the world - COVID-19. Okay, so mostly, in fact almost never, is it about the direct impact of the virus, rather it is the wider impact of lockdowns and social distancing that are discussed and how we as individuals and as an industry as a whole are being affected.

Across the past two months these conversations had been fairly gloomy and, alas, with the news that both MINExpo in the USA and the Italian Geofluid show have both been postponed until next year, that theme seems to be continuing.

Despite my travel plans, and in turn the opportunity to meet the magazine's readers, advertisers and contributors face-to-face, being curtailed there are moments of progress. While Geofluid may not be happening at the end of September, I have first-hand knowledge of Italian drill rig manufacturers returning to work, albeit, with new challenges to face.

Meanwhile, here in the UK businesses are working together to develop ways and means of carrying on drilling while keeping staff on-site safe as can be seen in the features on social distancing and drilling and emergency piling work at a reservoir. And that is one of the good things we can take away from this dreadful situation; while we are forced to stay apart for our own health and safety, people are working more collaboratively than ever before. Let's hope that when life and work returns to normal, whatever that may be, we can continue to support each other.