Too soon to be optimistic?

In the world of drilling, just like wider society, there seems to be only one topic of conversion at the moment and that is COVID-19. However, the context is changing, albeit subtly. It seems that more and more the conversations being had are about how the industry is adapting to the ‘new normal’.
Too soon to be optimistic? Too soon to be optimistic? Too soon to be optimistic? Too soon to be optimistic? Too soon to be optimistic?

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Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

It would be great if I were able to just write how new policies are being put in place to allow job sites to restart and furloughed workers to return to those projects. However, while it is happening in some locations, as reported in this issue with stories of success at mine sites both above and below ground, there is the accompanying bad news of redundancies being announced by major players due to a sudden and marked drop in demand for drilling-related products and services due to the impact of COVID-19.

How to deal not only with the stress of socially distanced job sites and new working practices, but also fears about job security and the threat of redundancy are examined in this issue in a piece considering mental health wellbeing within the drilling sector.

One thing that has become clear is that the industry will be forever changed, but that also gives me hope for the future.

The immediate need to stay safe is encouraging new ways of working and training that will hopefully make sites safer thanks to increased use remote-controlled operations and additionally training becoming more accessible thanks to more opportunities to learn via webinars, podcasts and other options that can be undertaken at times and locations better suited to the trainees.

To quote Monty Python: "Always look on the bright side of life…"


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