It's nearly business as usual

If this year had not been thrown into turmoil following the global pandemic I, like many in our industry, would be preparing to head to Piacenza, Italy, to attend Geofluid. However, like so much that had been planned for this year, COVID-19 has meant its postponement. Despite the event being pushed back to 2021, here at GDI we have not let that stop us from focusing on Italy in this issue.
It's nearly business as usual It's nearly business as usual It's nearly business as usual It's nearly business as usual It's nearly business as usual

Rio Tinto has begun a drilling programme at Forum Energy Metals’ Janice Lake copper/silver project

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

Taking a close look at the drilling industry in Italy has proven just how resilient the sector is and how despite the challenges presented by the coronavirus driller simply carry on as close to business as usual as they possibly can.

All though it may sound strange, putting this issue of GDI together has shown me how some good may just come out of the pandemic. Because of the need for people to work while socially distancing new methodologies are being quickly developed and chief among those is automation. If the drill crew can be distanced from the machinery there is the added bonus of potentially fewer accidents. Of course, in many cases, the introduction of automated processes also increased productivity and reduces downtime.

It's just a shame that we will have to wait until next year when, hopefully, the numerous industry events that have been postponed this year will be able to take place and we will all be able to explore the new innovations brought to the fore by COVID-19.

However, there is one thing that you won't have to wait for anymore. This issue of GDI sees the title return to both print and digital editions. Just like the rest of the industry when the coronavirus lockdown forced many job sites to close and events to be postponed or cancelled, we were forced to suspend the print edition of the magazine, but now we are back. Happy reading.