Demand for Doofor

Doofor, which designs and manufacturers its rock drills in Nokia, Finland, offers its products worldwide.

 Drilling attachment from WORD International

Drilling attachment from WORD International

One of its solutions, the DF560-2M-BLT hydraulic rock drill comes with a high-frequency percussion mechanism with the Doofor patented piston, two powerful rotation motors and a flushing head designed for demanding jobs such as ground stabilisation works.

A case where these parameters have become useful is a project involving ground stabilisation at a construction site for an apartment building in downtown Minneapolis in Minnesota, US.

The contractor is installing 38mm hollow bars to depths between 6-12m in order to stabilise the walls for the building, which will include an underground parking garage.

The equipment is mounted on a Cat 320 series excavator, and the customer is injecting grout straight through the nose cone of the drifter, which is used to stabilise the ground.

The drilling attachment, in turn, is manufactured by WORD International of Elon, North Carolina, US.

"The machine is radio controlled, and the operator has the ability to move and work around the machine. The attachment comes installed with a Dynaset hydraulic pressure washer to clean the machine free of grout at the end of every shift," explains WORD International's sales and service manager Clayton Durham.

"The machine can achieve any position to set up for a hole, for example, a tight corner hole, or over a hillside, and the customers love this feature."

Doofor's managing director Kalle Kuusento adds: "We are very happy about the cooperation with a company such as WORD International.

"They have proven to be very close to the customer, offering them very good tools for specific jobs in the US, Canada and Mexico."

He adds that North America has been of interest to Doofor for various reasons. The Finish manufacturer has witnessed growth in the infrastructure, stone quarrying and mining sectors, which has created a demand for tough, robust drifters in a fairly competitive market.

"We have been in America since the 1990s, and the customers are starting to recognise our name over there," Kuusento adds.