AMC Europe offers speedy UK delivery

AMC Europe can now offer same-day delivery of its products within the UK

AMC Europe offers speedy UK delivery

AMC, which forms part of Imdex, develops, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of drilling fluids and specialty products to the mining, water-well, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), coal-bed methane (CBM), civil construction and tunnelling industries worldwide.

The company also offers a range of solids-control equipment suitable for diamond drilling, HDD, water-well, civil and CBM operations. All the equipment is available for sale or rental for both short- and long-term projects.

"One of our products, AMC EZEE BORE XTRA, is very successful in mainland Europe, and we have seen our HDD customers save on water consumption, reduce the number of additives used, and more importantly reduce costs of the total project," said operations manager Chris Marshall.

He added: "Customers can now contact AMC either through the website or call one of our engineers directly, and we can arrange delivery, support and design mud programmes for their projects."

Both Marshall and engineer Jean Marie Nachtigal are on hand to assist with clients' projects, no matter the size. Together with Diamond Logistics, AMC Europe can offer a range of options for delivery, from single items to full pallet. Larger orders will still be sent from the company's main distribution point, but for customers wanting to order small shipments for next-day delivery, for example, AMC can offer a cost-effective alternative.