Online learning with Tiger Fluids

Tiger Fluids has launched its Tiger Mud School, a new online, basic mud school available at
Online learning with Tiger Fluids Online learning with Tiger Fluids Online learning with Tiger Fluids Online learning with Tiger Fluids Online learning with Tiger Fluids

Tiger Fluids' Tiger Mud School

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

The website is designed to give drillers and offsiders an opportunity to broaden their careers by gaining essential drilling fluids knowledge and an appreciation of how their uses will affect the drilling process.

The mud school is a basic-level course that includes topics such as: ‘Functions of a Drilling Fluid', ‘Properties of a Drilling Fluid' and ‘Designing a Mud Pit'. The online course gives drillers and offsiders access to various modules on the go, saving time and money rather than shutting down rigs during site visits by engineers performing mud schools in person.

As the course is online, it can be taken anywhere, anytime, at the participants' leisure and will not interfere with valuable drilling time. Videos featured on the website clearly illustrate how to use mud measurement equipment to meet the requirements of the drilling program by controlling the properties of a fluid.

A short test at the end of the course allows participants to show they have understood the contents and are able to answer basic questions on fluids and a 70 per cent pass rate is required to receive a certificate of achievement from Tiger Fluids.

Tiger Mud School can be taken by individuals independently or drilling companies can arrange for employees to participate.

This online course is a new and unique opportunity to develop drilling fluids expertise, catering to the busy schedules of drillers, offsiders, and drilling companies alike.