GTD Group launch Pink 'Penetrator' drill bits

GTD Group used the UK geotechnical industry event Geotechinca 2021 to debut its new line of Pink ‘Penetrator’ drill bits. The new product range includes core, TCI drag, rock rollers and some unique developments on non-core PDC bits that will be of particular interest to ground source heating drillers.
GTD Group launch Pink 'Penetrator' drill bits GTD Group launch Pink 'Penetrator' drill bits GTD Group launch Pink 'Penetrator' drill bits GTD Group launch Pink 'Penetrator' drill bits GTD Group launch Pink 'Penetrator' drill bits

GTD Group took advantage of Geotechnica 2021 to launch its complete line of Pink ‘Penetrator’ drill bits

The new GTD bits feature a BR50 thread with a 50mm internal diameter. To put that into context, it is over double the surface area of a typical 2-3/8in API REG, which is a real differentiator and has some significant advantages over many of the usual go-to drill bits favoured by ground source installers.

The increased size allows for significantly more flow, which, in turn, has many direct and indirect benefits. It increases flow through the bit, improves bit face cooling and lifespan, superior cutting clearance with reduced uplift time to the surface, which ultimately increases the rate of penetration achievable - so you can drill faster. The bigger bore reduces back pressure on pumps, extending their potential lifespan too. Subs are available to convert to all thread types and they have also been engineered to optimise performance and flow providing the potential to reduce the cost per metre of installations for ground source drillers.

Nicholas Bosch, director of GTD Group, said: "These drill bits might be new to the market, but they are not new to us. We have been developing and using them for nearly a decade now in our family drilling operations. So, it's fair to say we are confident in their capability as we have extensively field-tested and refined them over the years. Our learnings from drilling in Europe and the notoriously challenging geology of the UK has led to significant product refinements such as the BR50 thread as well as many other features."

The Pink Penetrator series offers a vast choice of drill bits with various options, four different quality options for PDC cutters, to meet budgets and requirements. Additionally, they provide a range of flush types to cover all scenarios; jet flush, wide flush and full flush—all designed to improve equipment life and penetration rate.

With so many options available the experienced GTD team is ready to share its experience and in-depth knowledge of drilling extensively with the bits. They are more than happy to spend time talking through projects to help select which bits they have that could increase productivity and save money, as they are some of the most affordable bits on the market currently.


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