Further investment in Kensa Group by Legal & General

The Kensa Group, a UK manufacturer and installer of ground source heat pumps, has had a further £8 million (US$10 million) investment by Legal & General Capital (LGC), bringing LGC’s total investment to £15.7 million over two years.
Further investment in Kensa Group by Legal & General Further investment in Kensa Group by Legal & General Further investment in Kensa Group by Legal & General Further investment in Kensa Group by Legal & General Further investment in Kensa Group by Legal & General

Boreholes being drilling in preparation for the installation of ground source heat pumps from Kensa

The capital will support the Kensa Group as it continues to scale up rapidly to accelerate the deployment of ground source heat pump technology and networks to meet demand while meeting LGC's ambitions to continue to support the clean energy transition.

Kensa Group CEO, Matthew Trewhella, said: "This second investment from Legal & General Capital cements the successful partnership we have built together these past two years and marks a major milestone in the development of Kensa's ground source heat pump solutions.

"The whole heat pump supply chain, including Kensa, will have to expand dramatically to meet the UK's 2028 heat pump installation target. This investment will allow us to significantly step up our efforts in areas such as R&D and operations, as we continue to prepare for further rapid growth."

Kensa Group and Legal & General Capital joined forces in April 2020 with the shared aim of securing a safe, reliable clean energy future.

Legal & General Capital invests in green businesses providing scalable solutions to tackle the climate crisis.

Kensa is the only integrated supplier of ground source technology and its networked heat pump and infrastructure solutions are one of the most developed and effective for delivering the lowest carbon heating to homes for the lowest cost. 

John Bromley, Head of Clean Energy at LGC, said: "We invest our capital in clean energy assets, businesses and technologies which will help accelerate the UK's progress to a low-cost, low-carbon economy. Our partnership with Kensa is delivering at pace and this further investment in Kensa will enable the business to continue to scale up, bringing vital capacity to the sector. 

"We are delighted to continue to support a business which is playing a major role in the transition to low carbon heating in the UK while supporting significant job creation in the low carbon sector."

Kensa's solution for the mass transition to decarbonised heat which embraces the scaled benefits of the technology, as featured at COP26, is a street-by-street deployment of ground array infrastructure to enable the connection of networked heat pumps as carbon-intensive fossil fuel systems reach the end of their lifetimes and new properties are ready to connect.

Kensa Group COO, James Standley, said: "Deploying ground source heat pumps at scale is one of the very lowest cost ways to decarbonise our heating systems and we are confident that Kensa will play a key part in demonstrating and delivering this solution as part of the UK's pathway to net zero."

In the two years since Legal & General Capital made its initial investment, Kensa Group has been through a period of accelerated growth, bringing in highly skilled professionals to grow the business from 70 to 180 employees, subsequently bolstering the green economy. The Group revenue has doubled, from £15.5 million to £31.5 million, cementing the organisation's position as the UK market leader at a time when the market is growing rapidly and seeing increased competition.

Kensa Group's manufacturing facility increased its production by 150 per cent during the pandemic, breaking records for the number of ground source heat pumps made in the UK, and is working towards a further twofold increase in capacity by 2023

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