Fieldwork ready water level meters from Bell Flow Systems

Bell Flow Systems is now offering the In-Situ Water Level Meter range of easy to read dip meters designed for professionals working in the groundwater monitoring sector.

 Bell Flow Systems offer a range of In-Situ Water Level Meter products

Bell Flow Systems offer a range of In-Situ Water Level Meter products

The Water Level Meter 200 is made from high-tensile steel with stainless steel conductors making this range highly durable and accurate. The water level tape is ASME- certified and encased in a protective polyethylene jacket, which also adds to the durability and longevity of the tape in the field.

The Water Level Meter 100 offers an economical option, using a Kevlar-reinforced polyethylene tape and stainless steel conductors. This range meters also utilise an IP68 probe so can be fully submerged to find the bottom of a well or borehole.

The meter is ready for effective, accurate fieldwork and was designed with this in mind. A key feature of the Water Level Meter is that is has both static and drawdown modes to perform low-flow and pump tests. With its integrated well hanger, the base unit will stay secure and ensure the tape of the meter is not damaged by abrasion on the well case.

It is ergonomically designed to make it easy to unwind and rewind the tape, as well transporting on site. Additional features include a safety disconnect design on the tape that can disengage the probe if it were to get trapped inside the well. A probe can be replaced easily in the field so there is no need to return the tape to Bell for repair.

The In-Situ Water Level Meter has a high strength tape so there is less stretching, which improves both the repeatability and accuracy of your measurements. A sensitivity dial on the reel allows for compensation of incorrect readings caused by cascading water.

The flexibility of the level meter means that any lengths from 30m (100ft) to 600m (2,000ft) can be requested, all offered with a five-year warranty.