Why audit? Why not!

The British Drilling Association (BDA) has many aims and objectives, ranging from improving efficiency, health and safety and standards in the industry through to more indirect actions, such as promoting innovation, training, establishing codes of practice and much, much more. All these objectives are bound together by the BDA Audit and a commitment to be audited is to sign up for all the aims and objectives of the BDA.

Why audit? Why not! Why audit? Why not! Why audit? Why not! Why audit? Why not! Why audit? Why not!

The BDA Audit satisfies British Standards, the UK Specification for Ground investigation and Construction Design and Management Regulations, regarding the need to prove the ongoing competence of drilling operatives

There is much to celebrate about the Audit; since its establishment, it has helped elevate the drilling sector to professional status as well as proving a catalyst to drive up the standards the sector


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