Golden Beaver Award for Herrenknecht US manager

Jack Brockway, president of Herrenknecht Tunnelling Systems USA, has received the Golden Beaver Award 2020. The association of leading representatives of the US construction industry honoured Brockway's achievements in outstanding projects and technological advances in mechanised tunnelling with the Service & Supply Award.
Golden Beaver Award for Herrenknecht US manager Golden Beaver Award for Herrenknecht US manager Golden Beaver Award for Herrenknecht US manager Golden Beaver Award for Herrenknecht US manager Golden Beaver Award for Herrenknecht US manager

Construction companies have been using Herrenknecht machines to excavate subway tunnels in Los Angeles for almost 15 years

Brockway was introduced as one of the four prize winners at the ceremony in Los Angeles in, January, where the awards are presented annually by "The Beavers", an association founded in 1955, to people who have made outstanding contributions to the US building and civil engineering industry.

Jack Brockway received the award in the category Service & Supply for his commitment to the tunnelling industry over the decades. He accepted the award in front of around 3,000 guests at a festive evening event from the hands of David J. Miles, president of the Beavers.

Brockway can look back on a very successful and challenging career. After completing a bachelor's degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics and working for Boeing and in international tunnel construction, he joined Herrenknecht AG in 1997. His task was to establish and manage the Herrenknecht subsidiary for the USA in Seattle. From there, he would drive forward the development of the North American market.

Over the years, Brockway has established a highly effective, 30-person competence team for the US market at the Seattle location. Today, even very complex projects are managed there in close cooperation with the experts from Schwanau in Germany.

Brockway's broad-based know-how and his professional leadership qualities have been of great benefit not only to countless large and small infrastructure projects in mechanised tunnelling. He also played a particularly important role in the technological progress of the industry in the USA. Together with Werner Burger, chief engineer of Herrenknecht at the Schwanau headquarters, he laid the foundation for the introduction of state-of-the-art mechanised tunnelling technology in the USA, which enables safe and economical tunnel construction under the most difficult ground conditions.

"I am quite proud to have been nominated for a Golden Beaver Award. I did not expect that," Brockway said. "Tunnelling gets into your blood. Building fascinating infrastructure projects is a first-class career opportunity for young engineers. Especially since it is not only engineering expertise but also a good hands-on feeling that counts."

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