TML's compact and remote controlled UNIDACHS 110

TML Technik GmbH developed the UNIDACHS 110 with its 360-degree rotary arm for applications inter alia in mining and tunnel construction as a manipulator for a diverse range of attachments. The very compact machine is particularly suitable for use in confined spaces at locations that cannot be reached by standard hydraulic excavators.
TML's compact and remote controlled UNIDACHS 110 TML's compact and remote controlled UNIDACHS 110 TML's compact and remote controlled UNIDACHS 110 TML's compact and remote controlled UNIDACHS 110 TML's compact and remote controlled UNIDACHS 110

The compact design of TML’s UNIDACHS 110 make it suitable for demolition and excavation work inside tunnels and mines

With its 360-degree endlessly rotatable cantilever boom, the UNIDACHS 110 has an additional degree of freedom compared to standard hydraulic excavators or demolition robots. It enables working tools - for example, rotary drum cutters, hydraulic hammers, shears, pulverisers or shovels - to be utilised at almost any required angle of the profile or surface to be worked on.

Due to its compact design, it is particularly suitable for use in tunnel or adit construction, in the renovation and expansion of tunnels, in mining or in the demolition or dismantling of structures. Typical areas of application are working the surface, excavating caverns, producing cross-passages, profiling tunnel cross-sections, scaling with a hydraulic hammer or cutter and clearing, using different types of shovels.

The UNIDACHS 110 is characterised by its compact design; the width of the undercarriage is only 1,315mm, and its overall height is 1,644mm. Despite its compact size, the machine has a large working radius of up to 5,000mm, depending on the length of the attachment.

"The UNIDACHS 110 is the only machine for mining and tunnelling available on the market that is extremely compact and at the same time offers all the advantages of the rotating boom arm. These features open up completely new optimisation potential in mining and tunnelling for our customers: they can now work cost-effectively even in extremely confined spaces," said Thorsten Bolender, business unit manager mining, TML Group.

With comprehensive configuration packages, TML adapts every UNIDACHS to the project-specific requirements: tunnelling, mining or demolition. These include electrical or diesel drive, FOPS-protected upper cab, automatic central lubrication system, dust protection system, LED lighting packages, camera options from the reversing camera to a 270-degree bird's view system, radio remote control, as well as numerous different attachments.

The completely enclosed and shielded boom protects the telescopic cylinders and hydraulic hoses inside against the ingress of dust or rock and in this way ensures the highest possible reliability.

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