Deep Isolation and Amentum form partnership

Deep Isolation Inc. and Amentum, an engineering services provider, have signed a Memorandum of Agreement to work together to further the commercialisation of Deep Isolation’s technology for the disposal of nuclear waste in boreholes around the world.

 Deep Isolation is forming a partnership with Amentum to commercialise its nuclear waste disposal technology

Deep Isolation is forming a partnership with Amentum to commercialise its nuclear waste disposal technology

Initial targets for joint work include countries in Europe and the Pacific that represent a combined addressable market for geologic disposal of spent fuel and high-level waste worth more than US$30 billion.

"Amentum has unparalleled engineering expertise and experience in the use of science and advanced technologies to successfully clean up highly complex nuclear sites," said Jim Blankenhorn, senior vice president of Amentum. "This partnership strengthens our collective position in a growing market to provide innovative solutions for nuclear disposal around the world."

Deep Isolation's advanced nuclear technology leverages directional drilling practices to safely and efficiently isolate waste deep underground in borehole repositories, providing many countries with an alternative to a traditional mined repository.

"The world is changing fast, and it's imperative for the success of nuclear energy that we solve the nuclear waste challenge," said Deep Isolation CEO Elizabeth Muller. "Deploying the solution requires a large-scale team effort."

The agreement provides Amentum with access to more than 50 protected Deep Isolation inventions, as well as engineering specifications and know-how. This includes Deep Isolation's detailed and compliant process based on IAEA guidance for tailoring a deep borehole repository to the specific regulatory requirements, waste inventory, stakeholder needs and local geology of each client.

Deep Isolation offers licenses that allow key industry players access to its protected intellectual property. The programme features access to Deep Isolation's patents and engineering work, as well as planning and operational processes that could be used independently of Deep Isolation technology. "We are excited to work with Amentum to bring this solution to market," Muller said. "We are pleased at the value they are placing in Deep Isolation's solution by investing in this license."

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