Klemm delivers drills to Diavik

Drill manufacturer Klemm Bohrtechnik, part of Bauer Group, recently delivered three universal drilling rigs to build a cut-off wall at the Diavik diamond mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories.
Klemm delivers drills to Diavik Klemm delivers drills to Diavik Klemm delivers drills to Diavik Klemm delivers drills to Diavik Klemm delivers drills to Diavik

Due to the mine's geographical location, the €65 million (US$ 71 million) project presents special challenges: 220km south of the Arctic Circle work can only be done between May and October. The three Klemm type KR 806-3F drilling rigs have been built and equipped to withstand these extreme weather conditions.

The drilling method of choice is a cased down-the-hole (DTH) hammer drilling system, which uses the drill bit of the DTH hammer to drag the outer casing into the drill hole. The handling system HBR 120 was further developed for adding and extracting the drill string. The HBR 120R, with the newly patented rotation function, allows the gripper, independent of the rotary head and special preventer, to take the casing out of the Mag. 2.1V and connect the casing to the already drilled casing.

Logistics is another major challenge as the transport of large equipment is only possible during an eight-week time frame in the winter months when the ice road to the mine is open. The whole project depends on thoroughly planned schedules and logistics.

After extensive functional testing and final acceptance by the customer, the Klemm drill rigs started their journey by truck and ship at the end of November 2015. They are scheduled to start work at their final destination in three-shift operation from May 2016.


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