Resilient rotary bits from Sandvik

Resilient rotary bits from Sandvik

The new series of drill bits runs on a patented, modularised air-bearing platform, minimising spalling during sustained loads and delivering 10-25% longer bearing hours and life increase of up to 30% compared with the previous generation Sandvik RR220 range, the company stated.

Simon Mitchell, vice-president of rotary tools at Sandvik Mining, commented: "Today it is more important than ever for our customers to maximise the value of their investments, and Sandvik RR221 delivers.

"Our latest tools feature application-focused cutting structures and are more effective and hard wearing than their predecessors. They have better longevity thanks to multiple design improvements, where we have matched our proprietary Sandvik cemented carbide shapes and grades to specific drilling conditions. This will help to reduce wear and breakage, further increasing bit life and improving penetration rates."

Sandvik RR221 sizes range from 159mm to 311mm (6¼in to 12¼in) and rock hardness capability from 10MPa to over 500MPa. Now equipped with the patented Sandvik RR221 bearing, these bits can offer high bearing hours and a low cost per drilled metre in a wide range of applications.