Robit to reveal new DTH hammer at CONEXPO

Drilling consumables manufacturer Robit Group and its UK subsidiary BulrocRobit will reveal their new large DTH hammer, the BulrocRobit Hyper 331, at CONEXPO 2017.

Robit to reveal new DTH hammer at CONEXPO

The new hammer extends the group's down-the-hole (DTH) hammer range from 1in (25mm) to 33in (838mm). According to the company, the Hyper 331 features the largest piston on the market, with a piston weight of 1,552kg.

The Hyper 331 operates with foot valveless bits designed for 33in- up to 52in-diameter holes over a wide range of operating pressures. The hammer is designed to transfer maximum energy to the button bit and comes with a durable shank as standard.

Olli Kuismanen, vice-president of the DTH business unit, said: "As standard, the Hyper 331 will be available with BulrocRobit's own shank fitting and 10in BECO thread on the backhead. Robit Group's experience in large DTH hammer and bit manufacturing enables full package sales with the hammer, DTH bits or casing advancement systems and drill tubes, and even casing tubes, into one integrated package."

Robit Group will also be showcasing its full line-up of casing systems, mining and quarrying hammers and DTH bits from DTARobit, as well as Robit top-hammer products and digital services.