New compressor for geothermal drilling

Atlas Copco has launched the DrillAir Y35 portable compressor, specifically designed for geothermal drilling applications.
New compressor for geothermal drilling New compressor for geothermal drilling New compressor for geothermal drilling New compressor for geothermal drilling New compressor for geothermal drilling

Due to its 35bar working pressure, Atlas Copco said its new compressor can achieve drilling depths of 500m. The DrillAir Y35's integrated Dynamic Flow Boost technology can be used to increase flow from 34.8 to 39m3/min (650L/s), providing faster flushing and stem refill.

When required, the working pressure range can also be set as low as 15bar with Atlas Copco's Extended Pressure Range (XPR) technology. This can help prevent soil cavitation during overburden drilling, as well as enable the same compressor to be used for both geothermal and foundation drilling.

Dmitry Karablinov, product marketing manager at Atlas Copco Portable Energy, said: "The DrillAir Y35 reduces the time and associated costs of geothermal drilling, representing a new benchmark in portable drilling efficiency. Lower maintenance costs, less fuel consumption, increased uptime and faster drilling all make a positive contribution to a driller's bottom line."

The new compressor includes a Scania engine that is compliant with Stage IV emission standards for non-road engines. The DrillAir Y35 meets the latest environmental standards and is a low-noise machine, making it suitable for construction projects in built-up urban and residential areas. Other features, including a built-in oil cleaner, saver ring and separate cylinder heads, contribute to an extended service life.

According to Atlas Copco, the DrillAir Y35 was designed and built for reliable performance and easy transportation. A three-layer coating protects all bodywork to increase lifetime and residual value. Its compact dimensions, including a short 4.1m compressor frame and lower weight, ensure that a single truck can carry both the compressor and the rig.