Sandvik's Centrex Pro solves over-drilling issues

Sandvik Construction has developed Centrex Pro, a new down-the-hole (DTH) drilling system designed

Sandvik's Centrex Pro solves over-drilling issues

Some technologies can cause pressurised air to over-drill more material than necessary. Forward-moving air collects loose ground or soft clay that settles in the surrounding area, putting nearby structures at risk.

To help counteract these negative effects of over-drilling, Sandvik has introduced the Centrex Pro DTH drilling system.

The specially designed Spiral Flush technology of the Centrex Pro delivers crosswise flushing that causes no pressure against the ground. This means much less risk of over-drilling, and less, or no risk of air escape, Sandvik explained. Less water is lifted to the surface, which alleviates the risk of disturbing marine deposits. Its back flush also reduces the risk of getting stuck in the hole.

According to the manufacturer, spiral grooves prolong the bit's service life, and an increased penetration rate improves flushing capabilities, while the Guide Center decreases the risk of hole deviation through straight collaring.

The Centrex Pro is suitable for drilled pile installations, slope drainage, anchoring and stabilisation, among other applications.

Stefan Rahlenbeck of Sandvik Construction said: "This system has proven to outperform any existing systems in the market, and we can now offer our Swedish customers this unique and trustworthy product."

Centrex Pro was first unveiled at the Grundläggningsdagen exhibition in Sweden and received its US launch at AGG1.