Meridian launches fast geochemistry service

UK-headquartered drilling and geotechnical company Meridian Drilling has launched a fast-track site geochemistry service to dovetail with its existing drilling services.

Meridian launches fast geochemistry service

The new service, which offers field-based sample testing, aims to improve the time and cost efficiency of exploratory drilling projects.

Managing director of Meridian Drilling Jeremy Moore said the geochemistry arm would allow Meridian to offer a more complete solution to its clients.

"We have teamed up with Tactical Environmental Response, who are experts in the geochemistry field, to offer this service," he added.

"The testing will help clients make significant savings on laboratory costs. It can ascertain minerals present in any sample within minutes, which in turn helps the site geologists make accurate decisions in the field."

Meridian will be providing the service as a joint venture with Tactical Environmental Response, a company with 25 years of experience in the field, working on projects across the Middle East, Far East, Africa, America, Europe and Russia.

The testing, while fast, offers laboratory-standard XRF and NIR results. Moore explained that this has the potential to allow accurate targeting and significant reduction of the requirement for conventional laboratory assay.

"This field testing means that only samples that have been shown to contain levels of a specific mineral need to be sent to the laboratory for further analysis, potentially saving time and money," he concluded.