Reflex launches core logger

Reflex demonstrated its new handheld Reflex IQ-LOGGER for the first time at the International Geological Congress in Cape Town, South Africa.

Reflex launches core logger

According to Reflex, with its new solution, logging core can now be done in one tenth of the time, with the results proven to be accurate and available in real-time.

The Reflex IQ-LOGGER is designed to ease the usually time-consuming and repetitive logging process, while the direct transfer of logging data to a cloud-based data platform provides a reliable digital audit trail. The real-time QA capability via stereonet ensures orientations are accurate and reliable, the company explained.

Michelle Carey, global product manager at Reflex, commented: "Mine planning decisions worth millions of dollars are made on the basis of structural data that up until now has often been unreliable. The chain of custody and inbuilt QA capability of the Reflex IQ-LOGGER ensures the accuracy of the data and now provides confidence in decision-making.

"This is another addition to our Internet of Mining. With data transferred in real-time to our award-winning, cloud-based REFLEXHUB-IQ, where it is integrated with data from our survey and orientation tools and then made available for further analysis anywhere, any time, the efficiencies already inherent in the IQ-LOGGER workflows are magnified."

Initial prototypes are currently being rolled out to a waiting list of resource companies interested in testing the solution.

"We're working with our clients to ensure our solution provides the benefits we anticipate in the field before releasing the product to market," said Carey.

Dave Stevenson, strategic business development manager at Imdex, stated: "For the first time, the combined accuracy of Reflex's survey and core-orientation solutions, together with the Reflex IQ-LOGGER, provides a complete solution to ensure data accuracy for confident decisions on underlying structures.

"These decisions have a direct influence on identifying the potential economic value of a project or the safety of a mine."