Mine Master invests in Australian market

Polish mining equipment manufacturer Mine Master has designed two new drilling rigs specifically for the Australian market which will be field-tested in mid-2015 in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia.

Mine Master invests in Australian market

The rigs are the Face Master 2.5NVDR, which is designed for narrow-vein mining, and the Face Master 2.8MPD, dedicated to rapid development. The contract for the trials was signed between Mine Master and Australian company Murray Engineering, which will also be the service provider.

The Face Master 2.5NVDR and 2.8MPD are equipped with Montabert HC 109 and Montabert HC 110CS drifters respectively. Both rigs feature working units with dual-axial rotary actuators to boost manoeuvrability, 360o roll-over in both planes for safe replacement of drill bits, a FOPS- and ROPS-certified protection canopy with lifting segment for better visibility during vertical drilling, and booms with damping systems.

The 2.5NVDR rig also includes a drilling coverage of 25m2, powerful hydrostatic tramming system to drive at a 14o angle, and dedicated automated main articulation lock for high stability during drilling operations. Mine Master stated that these solutions will increase safety as well as provide higher productivity.