Boart upgrades TruCore

Boart Longyear’s latest version of the TruCore core-orientation system includes a number of upgrades designed to improve reliability and enhance the user experience.
Boart upgrades TruCore Boart upgrades TruCore Boart upgrades TruCore Boart upgrades TruCore Boart upgrades TruCore

TruCore is the first product in the company's instrumentation line and promises to enable drillers to provide the accurate data and results mining clients count on, Boart Longyear claimed.

Adam Tomaszewski, product manager for instrumentation at Boart Longyear, explained: "We've conducted extensive testing to make sure TruCore provides accurate data, is easy to use whether you're underground or in bright sunlight, and reduces the number of parts drill crews need to maintain a core-orientation system, which in turn reduces cost."

Boart Longyear stated that the new features on the upgraded system include:

  • Modified operations to reduce missed orientations;
  • Improved calibration features for a complete range of dip angles;
  • A more intuitive messaging feature;
  • Increased shock and vibration protection;
  • Improved corrosion resistance; and
  • Brighter LEDs.

Available in sizes BQ through to PQ, TruCore was designed and made in Australia. TruCore is now available to rent in Australia and will be rolled out to other regions throughout 2016 and 2017.


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