TruCore made available in Canada

Boart Longyear has introduced the TruCore core-orientation system to the Canadian market, following successful launches in Australia and Latin America last year.
TruCore made available in Canada TruCore made available in Canada TruCore made available in Canada TruCore made available in Canada TruCore made available in Canada

Core orientation is essential to the mining sector as it marks and determines the precise orientation and position of core while in the ground. This information helps determine faults, cleavages, joints, mineral lineation and other geophysical properties, which lead to better mapping for exploration and mine site development.

According to Boart Longyear, TruCore addresses a variety of the challenges that drillers and geologists face while conducting core orientation.

It has been tested to ensure that the handheld device lets drillers know when to activate it, minimising the risk of missed orientations.

With its flashing LEDs, TruCore notifies the user when there is direct alignment, which reduces the total measurement time and makes it suitable for bright daylight, lowlight and underground operations.

With TruCore, the manufacturer explained, there is no need to disassemble the tool to obtain an orientation mark. As a result, you will reduce the number of manual handling actions a driller or driller's assistant needs to perform.

Adam Tomaszewski, product manager for instrumentation at Boart Longyear, said: "We've conducted extensive testing to make sure TruCore provides accurate data, is easy to use whether you're underground or in bright sunlight, and enhances safety with less manual handling."

TruCore is now available to rent in Canada, in sizes BQ through to PQ.