Imdex unveils structural logging solution

Mining technology company Imdex has launched its end-to-end solution for structural logging – Structural-IQ.
Imdex unveils structural logging solution Imdex unveils structural logging solution Imdex unveils structural logging solution Imdex unveils structural logging solution Imdex unveils structural logging solution

The company said this provides significant benefits to minerals clients, including real-time, secure access to verified structural data directly from the field.

Commenting on the launch, Imdex's global manager for integrated solutions, Michelle Carey, said: "Our integrated solution will ensure resource companies have confidence in the accuracy of the data they are relying on to make critical drilling and mine planning decisions. It will also provide clients with operational efficiencies - key workflow processes will be automated and data can be provided in real-time for faster, intelligent decision making. Simply put, resource companies will be able to extract maximum value from their data while enjoying the economic benefits."

ReflexHUB-IQ is central to Imdex's Structural-IQ solution. The cloud-based hub stores: core orientation quality control data obtained from the Reflex Act core orientation tool, survey measurement data from Reflex's survey instrumentation, and structural data from the Reflex IQ-Logger.

All of this data can then be accessed in real time from the office or the field and integrated utilising Reflex ioGAS software and its Stereonet functionality to complete advanced interpretation and analysis. Imdex's Structural-IQ solution also integrates into any interpretative 3-D modelling software.

Importantly, Imdex's Structural-IQ solution contains in-built QA/QC processes, together with workflow automations to reduce risks associated with errors from manual intervention. This is vital when making crucial decisions involving ore-reserve estimation, geotechnical mine design, mine planning and safety.

An additional feature of Imdex's StructuraL-IQ is AMC's Corewell system, which provides protection of the core during recovery.


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