Boart Longyear offers global training programme

Boart Longyear has launched a new global training programme for drilling supervisors, drillers, driller assistants, mechanics, welders, manufacturing employees and other front-line employees

Boart Longyear offers global training programme

The training is based on the Australian Resources and Infrastructure Industry training requirements, the United States Mine Safety and Health Administration standards and the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety standards, customised for Boart Longyear specific rigs, equipment and tooling. The training includes classroom and on-the-job training, health and safety guidance documents, standard work procedures, online training and detailed assessments for certification of competency.

James Chalmers, vice-president of environment, health, safety and training, said: "Safety is our top priority, and we are excited to launch our new training programme globally.

"The training incorporates Boart Longyear standards and industry best practices and uses a combination of techniques to ensure understanding and comprehension."

The programme includes a drilling supervisor training course where supervisors are given essential coaching and tools to help them navigate and succeed in their positions. Supervisors lead over 75% of the workforce within Boart Longyear, and their influence in environment, health, safety and training is critical to employees' and clients' safety and success. From workbook exercises, interactive activities and real-life situational examples to guided discussions, each supervisor is given an opportunity to grow in their position from both an operational and safety perspective.

The training will be tracked and reportable online through the company's learning management system. The system tracks individual training and competencies and includes more than 20 online training modules on topics such as hazard and risk awareness, field level risk assessment, incident reporting and investigation, and distracted driving.