New Vermeer R250C reclaimer

Vermeer has expanded its fluid-management product line-up with the introduction of the R250C reclaimer – a modular mud reclaimer that can be paired with a variety of directional drills, trailers, pit pumps and gensets on a job site.
New Vermeer R250C reclaimer New Vermeer R250C reclaimer New Vermeer R250C reclaimer New Vermeer R250C reclaimer New Vermeer R250C reclaimer

According to Vermeer, the design of the R250C reclaimer helps to reduce the costs to conduct horizontal directional drill (HDD) projects. It is equipped with a 45° manifold, a balanced elliptical shaker motion and scaled shaker deck, as well as several serviceability features to help increase overall productivity.

Patrick Robinson, Vermeer commercial business manager for pipeline, said: "The importance of an efficient flow of quality drilling fluid throughout an HDD job cannot be understated. With the R250C reclaimer, HDD crews can help reduce the sand content in the mud."

The outlet manifold on the reclaimer, combined with the use of the suction breakers, separates sand and course silt, while the cones deliver a consistent performance of reducing solids.

The Vermeer R250C reclaimer's balanced elliptical shaker motion delivers the same motion every time with the centre of gravity balanced on the motors to carry lower gravity solids, such as clay, over the shaker screens. This motion produces slightly drier cuttings and reduces the mesh size to help increase overall screen life and flow. Clay swelling is also diminished as a result, and the recycling process is more consistent.

The two-deck shaker design of the R250C reclaimer provides a first-cut shaker bed area of 32ft2 (3m2) and a second cut area of 18 ft2 (1.7m2). The scaled shaker deck features a proportioned double-deck shaker that gives access and visibility to the bottom deck without sacrificing overall screen square footage.

The 360° working deck gives the operator access to all sides of the shaker for easy washing and screen changes. Also, all pumps, electrical motors and pressure washer are located on one side of the machine for ease in accessing and servicing components.

With a processing rate of 520gpm (1,968.4L/min) and a recommended consumption rate of 250gpm (946.4L/min), the Vermeer R250C reclaimer is best paired with drills in the 100,000lb (45,359.2kg) class.


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