Epiroc Boomer S2 C makes Canada debut

Epiroc has confirmed that customer Eldorado Gold has put its new Epiroc Boomer S2 C to work at the company’s Lamaque mine – the first operation in Canada to receive the rig
Epiroc Boomer S2 C makes Canada debut Epiroc Boomer S2 C makes Canada debut Epiroc Boomer S2 C makes Canada debut Epiroc Boomer S2 C makes Canada debut Epiroc Boomer S2 C makes Canada debut

The gold mine in Val d'Or, Quebec, was brought online January 18.

The Boomer S2 C has been built specifically for tunnelling or mining involving narrower veins; in fact, while it is just as exact and productive, it is particularly suitable for applications up to 56m2.

The 4WD articulated rig is 12.2m long and 2m wide, featuring a turning radius of 42°. It has BMH 6814 feeds, but optional BMHT telescopic feeds are available for bolting operations.

As designed, the face coverage area with BUT HD29 booms is 45m2, for a reach of 6.2m high and 9.3m wide. With optional, true top-mounted BUT S booms, the Boomer S2's reach extends to about 6.6m by 9.4m, along with more rapid feed movements and boom.

The heart of the unit is a diesel Deutz 90kW TCD 3.6 engine classified as Tier 4 Final. It operates on Epiroc's proprietary rig control system, currently RCS 5, which with a touchscreen graphic user interface and onboard manuals, is easier for operators to learn and use, the company said.

Mine superintendent Gilbert Bouffard told the OEM that a smaller rig assists it in its flexibility for blasthole drilling plans as well as forthcoming ramp development.

"This generation of Epiroc face-drilling rigs can play a huge role in helping a mine like Eldorado reach its objectives," he said. Epiroc account manager Ghislain Macameau added that it is currently the world's only computer-optimised jumbo of its size.

Other rock drill models are available; however, Epiroc noted the Boomer S2 C rig comes standard with new COP D20 underground hydraulic rock drills that are designed for blastholes between 43mm and 64mm in diameter.