Sandvik's new drill tools

Sandvik has introduced a new drilling tool system and the Speedy bit. The Alpha 360 is an improved and amplified version that complements the company’s existing Sandvik Alpha 330 drilling tool system, while the Speedy bit is said to be the fastest drill bit in the industry.
Sandvik's new drill tools Sandvik's new drill tools Sandvik's new drill tools Sandvik's new drill tools Sandvik's new drill tools

Sandvik's Alpha 360

Duncan Moore


Duncan Moore

With a reinforced design, the Alpha 360 can last twice as long as a standard thread in the industry and its hole accuracy enables higher productivity in tunnelling and mine development.

"Alpha 360 is yet another example of our aim to provide customers with products that will maximise the output of their investments," said Robert Grandin, product manager for Underground Top Hammer, at Sandvik Rock Tools. "High drilling accuracy is crucial to ensure that the tunnel gets the desired direction and profile. Straight and parallel holes also improve the advance per blast."

The Alpha 360, which is designed for Ø 48-51mm hole sizes in face drilling and bolting, features a very strong thread design. The short thread on the round rod gives superior resistance towards bending stresses, improved bit guidance and excellent energy transfer. The sturdy thread is guided inside the bit skirt, which enables high precision collaring also in complex rock formations and against uneven surfaces.

Sandvik's Speedy bit not only features a 10 per cent higher drilling speed it also delivers great collaring accuracy and hole quality. By increasing the drilling speed compared to a standard bit with ballistic buttons, the Speedy bit can save users one hour per day for each drill rig.

 andvik peedy bit Sandvik Speedy bit

"Sandvik is continuing to break ground in the drilling business with the introduction of Speedy bit. With increased drilling speed, customers can expect significant cost savings. This can translate into more than $100,000 per year and drill rig," said Grandin.

"Since drilling faster also reduces machine related costs per meter advanced, such as for operators and maintenance, the Speedy bit is an excellent example of our aim to always maximize the output of our customers' investments," he added.

The Speedy bit, which features one of Sandvik's new PowerCarbide grades, outperforms the standard bits in the industry with aggressive buttons that penetrate deeper with each strike and increase cutting size. The patented elevated front breaks the rock in two levels and improves the flushing flow, while large sludge grooves enable quick removal also of large cuttings.


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