Brokk introduces the MMB326 hydraulic drifter rock drill

Brokk, a manufacturer of remote-controlled machinery, is working with TEI Rock Drills. The result of this collaboration is a Brokk 300 fitted with the new MMB326 hydraulic drifter rock drill attachment from TEI.

 The TEI MMB326 hydraulic rock drifter is a ready-to-use option that does not need to be modified before configuring to a Brokk machine

The TEI MMB326 hydraulic rock drifter is a ready-to-use option that does not need to be modified before configuring to a Brokk machine

The pairing allows for drilling multiple sizes of holes — up to 3in — in concrete, rock and compact soil. The attachment is manufactured with a lightweight, compact TE326 drill head featuring patented technology to improve longevity and productivity.

"The MMB326 and Brokk 300 combination provides convenience and enhanced efficiency for operators," said Peter Bigwood, vp of sales and marketing at Brokk. "We are continuously striving to help our customers maintain productivity and safety, which is why we partnered with TEI Rock Drills to develop an attachment to meet those requirements — even while drilling into hard rock in confined areas."

At just under 30in long, the MMB326 delivers 200ft-lbs of impact energy at 3,480 blows per minute. The drill also produces 250 ft-lbs of torque and reaches rotation speeds of up to 250rpm.

The drill head itself (TE326) is a versatile hydraulic drifter that incorporates TEI's patented Automatic Stroke Adjustment (ASA) technology. The high-frequency and smooth operation —provided by the ASA technology — prolongs the drifter and tool life, increasing productivity and profits for the user by reducing downtime and parts costs. Additional features, such as variable rotation speeds up to 250 rpm, help to minimize the risk of jamming, while the reversible rotation motors deliver high torque to ensure powerful drilling.

The MMB326 offers an expanded hole range up to 3in (76mm) in diameter. It uses a 360-degree positioner for drilling in a variety of positions. The attachment can be used with a manual centralizer for rock drilling or with a hydraulic clamp for extension drilling and roof bolting. It is available in 5.9ft (1.8m) or 7.8ft (2.4m) mast lengths.

The MMB326 attachment is a ready-to-use option that can be integrated directly with the Brokk controls, allowing workers to operate the Brokk and MMB326 simultaneously. This adds convenience and efficiency, as well as frees up an extra worker who normally may be required to operate the second set of controls.

The MMB326 drill attachment complements other Brokk attachments — heightening versatility — and was designed to be used in conjunction with the Darda C20 Splitter for rock breaking applications.

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