DT1132i tunnelling jumbo launched by Sandvik

Sandvik Mining and Rock Technology has launched its latest development for tunnelling excavation, the DT1132i jumbo.

 The DT1132i, which is a large and highly productive underground drill rig, is the latest addition to Sandvik’s already extensive range of underground drill rigs

The DT1132i, which is a large and highly productive underground drill rig, is the latest addition to Sandvik’s already extensive range of underground drill rigs

The DT1132i, which is a large and highly productive underground drill rig, is the latest addition to Sandvik's already extensive range of underground drill rigs. Together with the new high-frequency rock drill Sandvik RD535 and rock tools designed for high-speed drilling, it provides users with a heavy-duty solution for their underground drilling needs.

All Sandvik DTi tunnelling jumbos have been developed with a special modular design that makes them highly flexible and versatile. Suitable for fast face drilling or mechanised long-hole drilling and bolting, they are proving to be highly productive, reliable and effective across the world. Furthermore, they use the latest developments in automated drilling solutions such as the iSURE tunnel management software and SICA intelligent control system.

The Sandvik DT1132i is a three-boom, electro-hydraulic jumbo that has been purpose-designed for fast and accurate drilling in tunnelling and cavern excavation. The computer-controlled rig possesses both operator-controlled boom positioning and full-face automatic drilling functions. As well as incorporating some of Sandvik's latest developments in digital solutions, the new rig uses Sandvik's new high-frequency RD535 rock drill, robust booms and advanced drill string guides, making it a complete and new high-speed drilling solution.

The RD535 rock drill automated drilling features and new rock tools mean that that the DT1132i delivers the results required but with 40 per cent fewer exhaust particles, up to 20 per cent higher penetration rate and with 25 per cent more side coverage.

Among the many new features on the rig is a new 3m telescopic TB160i boom, optimised with a front wrist structure that provides 1m additional side coverage as standard, and 4m side coverage with telescopic adjustment. The new boom also uses a new fully-proportional boom control for accurate and fast manual boom handling (automated boom controls come with the optional Platinum package), with intelligent compensation models to give accuracy in all operating conditions.

An ergonomic vibration-dampened cabin has been designed for the rig, which provides the operator with excellent all-round visibility, low noise levels thanks to its acoustic windows, a filtration system to minimise dust inside and an open and spacious operator environment. Doorways have been located in the rear of the cab to minimise any disturbance for the operator, while safety has been maximised with a FOPS-compliant cabin.

To further boost the efficiency of the rig and the operator, comprehensive diagnostics information is integrated into one display. These include drilling diagnostics for boom instrumentation, drilling control system and shank lubrication, together with carrier diagnostics for electric motors, pumps (hydraulics and water), transmission system, diesel engines, brake system, jacks and cable reels.

The DT1132i possesses a highly powerful transmission system with a Cummins B6.7, 168kW diesel engine (Stage V) which can be operated up to 5,000m above sea level without any modifications. The new engine provides up to a 90 per cent reduction in NOx emissions (when compared to Stage III engines), with more than 90 per cent mass reduction for DPM. The rig utilises a new carrier which uses more efficient hydraulic and water systems. These include separate circuits for both drilling and tramming hydraulics, proportional flushing valves to adjust the flushing flow and inlet/outlet pressure monitoring.

The rig steers by hydraulic rear-wheel steering and its electric current reducer unit provides electric reactive power element (kVar) from an onboard capacitor, reducing electric current draw by up to 20 per cent. The three 90kW IE3 electric motors require 2.5 per cent less energy, with all working lights based on LED technology, automatically controlled based on tramming direction and with directional lights available where needed.

A new feed - TF535i - also provides increased feed force for high power drilling, while a saving hose reel structure gives longer service life for the hoses which are of increased size. A hose support structure enables the independent tightening of every single hose, thereby reducing any pressure drop. An integrated accurate linear sensor ensures accurate rock drill positioning and a new slide piece design enables 50 per cent less wear and friction.

The DT1132i is available with some of the latest developments in automation, including a SICA control system for intelligent torque control/feed percussion, with monitoring and fleet management for My Sandvik. To further improve the excavation process, remote access via WLAN can be chosen which allows web-based data transfer as well as online MWD.

As ‘Gold' standard, the DT1132i comes with torque based semi-automated drilling, manual boom control and rod handling, all enabling drilling to a predefined depth with feed angle measurement and drill bit location measurement. Drill plan visualization and rig navigation are also included. In addition to these standard features, the rig is also available as part of the ‘Platinum' package with automatic long-hole drilling and fully automatic face drilling.

An underground drill rig is only as effective as the rock tools, rock drills and bits it uses. For face drilling, the DT1132i comes with the new Sandvik Alpha 360 drilling system for the RD535 rock drill. This delivers features such as an optimised rod diameter with increased flushing hole size, increased flushing and higher penetration rates, as well as a new Sandvik Alpha 360 connection. The latter possesses a new larger bit thread for increased drilling power and straighter holes which gives higher advance rate per blast. For grouting, the GT38 system provides 50 per cent less deviation and increased service life.

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