Bauma preview

Bauma, Europe’s largest construction conference and exhibition, is once again taking place in Munich, Germany. GeoDrilling International has listed some of the key companies in the drilling industry taking part in the event which takes place on April 8-14, 2019.

 Bauer BG 15 H rig will be on display at Bauma

Bauer BG 15 H rig will be on display at Bauma

Advanced Construction Robotics

Main business sector: Autonomous construction equipment

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: TyBot - the autonomous rebar-tying robot

Visit us at stand/booth number: EWE 09

Website: www.tybotllc.com



Main business sector: Horizontal directional drilling

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Tools for HDD and vertical drilling

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 824/6

Website: www.albrecht-bohrteile.de


A.P. van den Berg GeoTechnology


A.P. van den Berg supplies silent and vibration-free hydraulic pile pushers

Main business sector: A.P. van den Berg designs and supplies advanced equipment for cone penetration testing for both onshore and offshore applications. In addition, A.P. van den Berg supplies silent and vibration-free hydraulic pile pushers.

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The traditional driving of precast piles by means of a piling hammer still dominates the European market, partly supported by the high-quality and reliability of both the pile as well as the installation method. However, because of regulations and environmental issues, the various cast-in-situ methods are becoming more popular as these limit noise and vibrations. Yet, these methods do not provide foundations with a high-quality similar to the precast foundation pile and the methods are more costly. The Hydraulic Pile Pusher from A.P. van den Berg does produce this high-grade foundation, without the nuisance of pile driving; noise is kept to a minimum and the surroundings are not exposed to vibrations. The machine's builder and market-leader, T-Works from Changsha, China, has delivered more than 1,200 machines and the design is protected by several patents. As the exclusive distributor of T-Works, A.P. van den Berg now provides the European market access to its hydraulic pile pushers.

A.P. van den Berg adjusts the machines to conform with the European legislation, specifically concerning safety and environment. The result is a pushing machine that meets the Machinery Directive and has the required CE-marking. A.P. van den Berg also adds a data acquisition system that captures the various parameters of each pile during pushing. This facilitates comparison with cone penetration tests and delivers, per pile, a proof of the bearing capacity.

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 416

Website: www.apvandenberg.com


Atlas Copco

Main business sector: Sustainable productivity solutions

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Atlas Copco is set to unveil new sustainable portable air, power and flow equipment that reduces operational expenditure through enhanced clean drive technology, connectivity and versatility. The company will also use the exhibition as a forum to provide companies with guidance about Stage V engine regulations and how its equipment offers a smooth transition towards compliance and beyond.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FS 1108/1

Website: www.atlascopcogroup.com


Bauer Maschinen Group

Main business sector: The whole range of specialist foundation engineering equipment and tools (drilling rigs, pile drivers, trench cutters, diaphragm wall technology, anchor drilling rigs, mixing plants).

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Besides three PremiumLine drilling rigs (BG 23 H, BG 33 and BG 45), Bauer will exhibit its BG 15 H - a ValueLine drilling rig launched in 2018. In addition, Bauer is also presenting a completely new ValueLine rig- so visitors can look forward to a true world premiere. An attraction at the Bauer booth will be a model construction site for diaphragm wall technology. A BC trench cutter will be shown on an MC 96 duty-cycle crane - together with a guide wall. Next to the MC 96, there will be ‘working' diaphragm wall grab on a GB 50 base machine. Additionally, an RG 27 S from RTG Rammtechnik will be presented with equipment for cutter soil mixing. Another pile driver will be the RG 19T, equipped with the SilentVibro MR 150 AVM sound-insulated silo vibrator and - as a world premiere patented by RTG - a new sheet pile assistant.

Klemm Bohrtechnik and Bauer MAT slurry handling systems will also be showing equipment and systems.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 520

Website: www.bauer.de


Boart Longyear

Main business sector: Mining, exploration and drilling

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Sonic, percussive, construction/overburden, jet-grouting and coring tooling

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 415

Website: www.boartlongyear.com


BSP International Foundations

Main business sector: Manufacture of hydraulic piling hammers and ground improvement equipment

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The latest MK3 Rapid Impact Compactor (RIC) model, complete with a 9t drop weight, is fitted with a new sound attenuation pack which has been designed by BSP to significantly reduce the noise level produced by the compactor. The models in the RIC range are available with drop weights of 7t, 9t, 12t and a 16t version has been introduced.

The DX hammer on display has been specifically developed to drive steel sheet piles and has been designed as an attachment for mounting on tracked or road/rail excavators with an operating weight of around 36t. Three models are available, the DX20, DX25 and the larger DX30, which offer drop weights of 1.5t to 2.5t. All DX hammers can be used to drive sheet piles, small bearing piles, tubular steel or concrete piles with ultimate load bearing up to 1800kN.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 618/3

Website: bsp-if.co.uk



Main business sector: Drilling rig manufacturer

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: A range from small soil investigation rigs such as the GEO 205 to large diameter piling rigs such as the CH 450. The Comacchio piling equipment will be in the spotlight with the launch of the CH 300, the latest addition to the CH range of large diameter rigs. It is the smallest unit in the CH range, with a transport and operating weight of 30t. This compact and yet powerful rig was developed using new generation hydraulic systems that provide maximum efficiency and reduced fuel consumption. It can be configured for rotary bored piles with Kelly bar or CFA method. The display of the CH range will be completed by the CH 450, a multipurpose piling rig in the 45t-class adapting to a wide range of technologies including Kelly drilling (cased or uncased), CFA, DP and soil mixing. The MC line of anchor/micropiles foundation drill rigs will be represented with as many as seven models.


Comacchio's multipurpose CH 450 drill rig

Bauma will also see the world premiere of the new MC 3, an extremely compact multipurpose drill rig with onboard power pack designed for operation in limited access conditions. A major feature is the variety of mast positions and inclinations it can perform due to the innovative articulation system. The design incorporates a new generation, Stage V compliant Deutz TCD 2.2 L3 engine. The selection of limited access rigs will also include the MC 4 D, featuring separate power pack and modular mast construction.

The Comacchio stand will also feature products such as the MC 8 and the MC 22, with a special focus on recent additions to the range, such as the MC 15 P and MC 28 HD, designed for heavy-duty applications. The MC 15 P has been conceived as the heavy-duty version of the MC 15 with a more powerful engine. This and the use of advanced modular hydraulic circuits allow for the installation of a wide range of rotary heads, hydraulic drifters, vibro heads, water and mud pumps. The MC 15 P on display at Bauma will feature an upper head with percussion kit and a lower rotary head offering up to 3100daNm torque.

The MC 28 HD is drill rig in the 28t class featuring a 205Kw CAT engine and a reinforced variable width undercarriage for extra stability during operation. Due to the powerful motor, multiple rotary head options and configurations are available making the MC 28 HD an extremely versatile unit suitable for heavy duty micropiling and anchoring projects.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 623/1

Website: www.comacchio.com


Doofor Inc.

Main business sector: Designing and manufacturing hydraulic rock drills

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Our new DF800L rock drill for up to 5in holes, the updated DF560L and the hexagonal chuck DF530X in a retrofit carriage plate.

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 205

Website: doofor.com


Doosan Portable Power

Main business sector: Portable compressors and generators

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Doosan Portable Power (DPP) will be showing the new Stage V compliant 12/205 and 12/255 portable compressors and the new 7/53R portable compressor for the rental industry.

The 12/205 and 12/255 are part of a new generation platform of large Doosan Stage V portable compressors, with six models offering free air deliveries from 20.5 to 30.0m3/min at operating pressures from 8.6 to 21-bar. Both models are powered by the new Cummins B6.7 Stage V engine.

They offer increased environmental protection via a standard bunded base and the optional ECOmizer system, resulting in up to 75 per cent fuel consumption reduction when the machines are in idle mode.

The new 7/53R portable compressor supplies 5.0m3/min (177cfm) of compressed air at a rated pressure of seven-bar. Designed to meet O1 trailer category requirements - the 750kg category - the 7/53R is a durable, cost-effective machine for the 5.0 m3/min segment. Like all Doosan compressors, the modular design of the 7/53R ensures that a wide range of optional equipment can be added easily. As well as ‘Tough Top' polymer - a new feature in the 7/53R model - or steel canopies, the options can include customer colours, LED lights, a heavy-duty light grill, a number plate clip, wheel nut indicators, fixed or variable height running gear, an aftercooler with water separator and a 110 per cent fluid content bunded base.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 820

Website: www.doosanportablepower.eu




The E6050 LM rig, from Enteco, can be transported without the need to disassemble it as its struts fold automatically

Main business sector: Manufacturing machinery for special foundations, piling, drilling and soil compaction

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The redesigned E6050 LM rig equipped with the SP (soil displacement) drilling kit. The LM (long mast) kit is an exclusive Enteco patent consisting of two hydraulically operated backstays which support two additional mast sections and provides considerably longer strokes of the rotary head (from 15m for the standard E6050 to 21m). Maximum drilling depth is 32m. It is a high-performance kit offering the combined advantages of the backstays and the pantograph system while guaranteeing a rig which is compact, lightweight and easy to transport (no disassembly is needed when transporting the rig as the struts automatically fold up).

The E9080 DTHR300 is a multi-purpose, self-erecting drilling rig with an exclusive multi-purpose rotary head (320kNm max torque) and carriage with tilting device. The rotary head swings 90° from vertical in order to tilt the rods forward and insert the casing horizontally, with the aid of the auxiliary line: up to 24 m of casings can be pulled into in one go, without the time-consuming process of welding casing sections. Besides the large diameter DTH hammer, the rotary head with 90° tilting device is suitable for all the standard technologies.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 523/12

Website: www.entecodrill.com



Main business sector: Drilling and piling equipment

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The XD6, EK40, and EK75 drill rigs

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 623/5

Website: www.geax.it


Hütte Bohrtechnik


The HBR207MP is one of the drilling rigs offered by Hütte Bohrtechnik

Main business sector: Drill rigs and accessories, know-how and service for civil engineering and geothermal applications

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The HBR 605-4, HBR 602 FTW, HBR 508-2, and HBR 204 MP

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 521/5

Website: huette.casagrandegroup.com


Hydreco Hydraulics

Main business sector: Mining, drilling and off-road applications

Visit us at stand/booth number: A4 418

Website: www.hydreco.com



Main business sector: Piling equipment manufacturer

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Junttan will present more new equipment and solutions than ever before. On the stage will be a new member of the MPx-series, the Junttan MPx50 multi-purpose drilling and piling rig, which can be used for DTH-, CFA- and full-displacement drilling. A new product series with several new features related to capacity, performance, control- and monitoring system. In addition, a new HHx series hydraulic hammer with a revolutionary noise control solution will be displayed.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 621/9

Website: www.junttan.com


Klemm Bohrtechnik


The compact and electric-powered KR 704-2E is the newest rig from KLEMM Bohrtechnik

Main business sector: Manufacture and development of drilling rigs with high-performance drill tools for special foundation

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Drilling rigs with high-performance drill tools for special foundations.

The exhibit includes the new KR 704-2E drilling rig. With its compact dimensions, it was specially developed for use inside buildings. The electric drive allows work to be carried out extremely quietly and without exhaust emissions. Also on display will be the KR 709-3G drilling rig, a further development of the previous model - as a CFA piling configuration- as well as the universal drilling rig KR 909-3G, equipped with a hydraulic hammer KD 2524 and MAG 2.5V.

One of the highlights among the Klemm exhibits will be the KR 806-3GS from the tried-and-tested 806 series. It features newly developed kinematics, high load-carrying capacity and a wide-range of slewing options. The KR 805-3G anchor drilling rig will be available in a version with a light, very long drill mast and gripper magazine. The HBR 120 modular rod handling system combines innovative technology with a high degree of work safety.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 520

Website: www.klemm-bohrtechnik.de



Main business sector: Drilling machine control systems

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Drilling and grouting drilling data recorders (PocketLIM, MiniLIM), geophysical logging equipment

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 450

Website: lim.eu


mbk Maschinenbau

Main business sector: Producer of cage and mesh welding machines and equipment for the building and concrete industry

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Automation solutions, truss welding machines, cage welding machines for manhole and concrete pipe reinforcements, cage welding machines for driven and bored piles, columns and beams, mesh welding machines, and wire straightening and cutting machines

Visit us at stand/booth number: B1 112

Website: www.mbk-kisslegg.de



Main business sector: Hard rock drilling consumables and solutions for mining, construction, water well, geothermal and oil-gas industries

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Mincon will showcase products from its comprehensive line-up of hard-rock drilling consumables and systems, aimed at geotechnical, mining, quarrying and other industries. Design and manufactured in-house at locations across the world, Mincon's class-leading products cover the entire drill string, from bits, DTH hammers, drill pipes, and shock subs, to patented casing systems for small and large-diameter hammers.

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 417

Website: www.mincon.com



Main business sector: Design, development and manufacturing of excavator-mounted piling equipment with advanced control and information management systems

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Movax side grip vibratory pile drivers, hydraulic piling hammers, Movax control and information management systems.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 724/3

Website: www.movax.fi


MTS Perforator

Main business sector: Horizontal and vertical drilling technology (machinery and equipment), microtunnelling, tunnel boring machines, thrust boring technology, drill pipes and tools for DTH, HDD drilling as well as for oil and gas field, injection technique.

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Microtunnelling system MTS800, thrust boring machine PBA125 with RS-HV400, drill pipes and tools, injection pump GX45PU

Visit us at stand/booth number: C3 247

Website: www.mtsperforator.de


Nexus Diamante

Main business sector: Manufacturer of drilling diamond tools

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: A complete line of diamond tools, equipment and accessories designed for mineral exploration and geotechnical industries

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 430

Website: www.nexusdiamante.eu


Palmieri Group

Main business sector: Design and production of rolling and fixed tools and cutting heads for any type of excavation, from horizontal boring to vertical boring and drilling.

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Special projects, raise boring equipment, microtunnelling machines, consumable tools for several applications.

Visit us at stand/booth number: C3 337

Website: www.palmierigroup.com


PVE Piling and Vibro Equipment


Dieseko Group's PVE is a newly designed sound barrier for driving profiles with vibratory hammers

Main business sector: Foundation equipment

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Dieseko Group's PVE is a newly designed sound barrier for driving profiles with vibratory hammers. The two types of PVE resonators are a promising and sustainable new application for sensitive areas where vibrating or hammering is not allowed. The newly designed resonance-free PVE 90Vm is a solution for the market demanding to drive large diameter tubes and bigger sized sheet piles in urban areas.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 720/1

Website: www.pve-holland.com



Main business sector: Robit is a growing international company servicing global customers and selling drilling consumables for applications in mining, construction and contracting, tunnelling and well drilling.

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The widest offering in drilling consumables (top hammer, down-the-hole and digital services)

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 213

Website: www.robitgroup.com



Main business sector: Hydraulic cylinder solutions and drilling accessories

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 103

Website: www.sgolastra.eu



Main business sector: Foundations

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: New generation SR drilling rigs, which have been designed to offer improved productivity and operating flexibility. They are fitted with more powerful and lightweight rotaries, powerful diesel engine and increased pull up value compared to prior models. The new generation of rigs also have a new winch version pull-down system featuring a standardised and simplified design.

The SR125 High Tech platform brings a concept from the automotive world to the drilling market where customers can choose a model and then create the rig that best suits their needs; four different models built on the same base machine can satisfy the most needs through a plug-and-play system.

The new micro-drilling SM rigs for micropiles and anchoring are designed to be powered by both Tier III engines and the new Tier IV engines. Thanks to a wide range of rotary heads, clamp/joint breakers and modular antennas with varying travel of the rotary heads, the new models are suited to an extremely varied range of working applications and technologies.

The Soilmec SM-22 is an evolution of the hPSM-1350 and SM-20 models and has been completely redesigned to ensure high-efficiency and productivity. It can be easily configured in different single rotary fittings, double rotary, top-hammer and vibro-rotary to carry out consolidation, micropiles and anchors with different drilling technologies, direct circulation, reverse circulation, DTH, CFA, and jet grouting.

Bauma will also see Soilmec exhibiting the new Tiger SC-135 hydromill, designed to allow operation in a wide range of working radius and module rotations. New features include a patented hydraulic system dedicated for cutting module and base machines with the filters installed directly on the main lines to avoid any possible breakdown due to bentonite contamination.

The hydraulic swivel for +/-90° module rotation, the high-power new Cat C27 diesel engine and different winders design solutions are suitable for job sites up to 150m depth. The high-depth vertical sensor, the independent mobile flaps and the DMS on board complete with the 3D graphics print out panel options means verticality control as never before.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 522

Website: www.soilmec.com


Stüwa Konrad Stükerjürgen

Main business sector: Well construction technology, geothermal energy, flood protection and environmental technology

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Stüwa ranks among the leading manufacturers of high-quality well engineering technology and systems for utilisation in geothermal energy in plastics, steel and stainless steel. Based on over 135 years of experience, innovative solutions in the fields of water extraction, water retention, water discharge and utilising close to the surface geothermal heat sources are now being developed and produced under the management of the fourth generation.

With its high level of application competence, Stüwa now advises and supports clients, building contractors, planners and leading companies for well engineering and specialised civil engineering worldwide, commencing from the initial idea up to, and including, implementing your construction projects.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 423/10

Website: www.stuewa.de



Main business sector: Core drilling equipment

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Conventional drilling system, wire-line drilling system, drilling accessories, samplers, penetration equipment, fishing tools, drill rods and casings, diamond and carbotec core bits, packers, core boxes, tubes for inclinometer, drilling muds, and hydrogeological measuring equipment.

Visit us at stand/booth number: C2 237

Website: www.tecso.es


TEI Rock Drills


Portable and limited access drill rigs are included in the TWI Rock Drills range

Main business sector: Foundation construction and repair, mining, tunnelling

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The 500D with TE760, TE1000, MP260HT, PD360, and Brokk units with HCC10X and HCC20X 

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 618/5

Website: teirockdrills.com



Main business sector: Horizontal directional drilling, recycling & forestry, tree care & rental, utility installation

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: The new Vermeer D40x55DR S3 Navigator horizontal directional drill, which delivers productivity in a broad range of ground conditions, from hard, medium and soft rock to loamy/dirt and clay. It features Vermeer dual rod technology that uses an inner rod to provide torque to the drill bit, while the outer rod offers steering capability and rotational torque for reaming. The combination provides powerful downhole cutting action and offers the flexibility to select the appropriate tooling to best match the ground conditions, which can allow the entire install to be completed with one machine.

A small-sized drill suited for tight spaces and tough jobs, the Vermeer D8x12 Navigator HDD offers innovation and the brawn of a large drill with a compact body and the performance of a small drill. It offers two rod options, intuitive controls, a narrow footprint and power with minimised sound disruption. It is ideal for small service installation, such as gas distribution, power, water and telecommunication networks.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 621/1

Website: www.vermeer.com


Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs

Main business sector: Foundation equipment

At Bauma we will be exhibiting: Woltman Piling & Drilling Rigs (part of Dieseko Group) is known for its technically high-quality machines. Designed by the Woltman brothers based on practical experience the company will be exhibiting its 50PR piling rig with newly designed NL series Impact Hammer and the newly designed 90DR drilling rig with RH45 rotary head. Woltman rigs can be customised and have an excellent build quality in which all functions are constructed logically and smartly.

Visit us at stand/booth number: FN 720/1

Website: www.woltmanrigs.com