From Bauma to Northern Ireland for Casagrande rig

Quinn Piling, a leading geotechnical specialist based in Northern Ireland, has taken delivery of a new Casagrande B300XP-2 piling rig to add to its existing range of Casagrande machines.

 Staff from Quinn Piling went to Bauma to accept a new Casagrande rig

Staff from Quinn Piling went to Bauma to accept a new Casagrande rig

Quinn's new B300XP-2 was one of the machines exhibited on Casagrande's stand at the recent Bauma exhibition and the formal handover was completed during a visit of Quinn directors and staff to the event in Munich.

Quinn Piling is a company with a history of geotechnical contacting stretching back over 50 years and was at the forefront of introducing hydraulic drilling machinery into the Irish market. Today the company is renowned for its innovation in the field of geotechnical engineering and has completed many challenging and iconic foundation projects both in Ireland and the UK.

The B300XP-2 is one of Casagrande's range of multifunction piling rigs capable of rotary bored piling with or without casing, CFA piling, displacement piling, soil mixing and with a conversion kit, diaphragm wall grabbing.

Quinn's B300XP-2 has been delivered in rotary bored piling mode with a crowd winch capable of delivering 50t of crowd and extraction force which makes it one of the most powerful piling rigs in its class.

Safety is always the top priority with Casagrande machinery and the B300XP-2 has been delivered with a full set of walkways and handrails to comply with the latest safety standards as well as a full suite of electronic control and diagnostic systems to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Casagrande is a company with 60 years of foundation equipment manufacturing experience and its latest XP-2 technology is an upgrade of the XP technology introduced some years ago. Particular attention has been paid to designing the rig for maximum hydraulic efficiency which has resulted in XP-2 rigs offering a significant improvement in drilling performance compared to the previous range. Together with Casagrande's Fleetmaster remote monitoring system, excellent operator ergonomics and control versatility, the XP-2 range of rigs are some of the most efficient on the market.