Soilmec launches its new CFA rig - the SF-55

Soilmec introduced its first CFA rig in 1987 with the launch of the CM-48. Now with over 600 units sold worldwide, Soilmec is proud to announce the launch of its next generation of dedicated CFA rig, the SF-55.

 Soilmec has released initial details of its new SF-55 CFA piling rig

Soilmec has released initial details of its new SF-55 CFA piling rig

The new SF-55 sees the best engineering practice and technological innovation come together to offer increased performance, safety, simplicity and reliability.

New kinematics on the SF-55 creates an improved cylinder lifting capacity due to a larger lever-arm with a higher connection to the mast, which increases the rig and mast stability. The mast raising cylinders are also fitted with mechanical protection. Thanks to the improved lifting capacity of the new hydraulic cylinders it is possible to add a 2m additional mast extension to reach a 27m depth.

An additional 440 kg counterweight for increased max front weight has been added to the SF-55 and the platform is foldable for transporting while the 5in concrete pipe is integrated within the in-cabin platform. The star auger cleaner has a special kit for cohesive soil and the improved crawler undercarriage has an enhanced slew ring and a reinforced undercarriage body.

In order to provide increased performance, the Stage-V Cummins diesel fitted to the SF-55 has auto low idle control, which results in fuel-saving during inactive stages, a reduction in operating costs and noise reduction. The larger fuel tank also means greater drilling autonomy.

Inside the operator's cabin, a new feature is DMS 4.0, a multi-language, adjustable 12in touchscreen to manage the drilling rig, monitor alarms and set and store technology parameters in real-time. The CFA Autorotary function increases the operator comfort, reducing fatigue and arm vibration during the drilling phase.

Auto Drilling CFA is the automated drilling system developed by Soilmec and used on the SF-55, which defines the correct mix of parameters and checks to ensure greater efficiency in terms of digging performance. It allows the rig's operator to detect the corkscrew effect; detect excessive over-excavation and over-flighting; and become a controller of the automated functions set. Additionally, Auto Drilling CFA optimises the level of auger filling and the drilling process and reduces operator stress and fatigue.

A patent-pending sleeve extension warning system helps to avoid incorrect operations during coupling procedure, giving the operator the visualisation of the correct locking position of the sleeve extension and the wi-fi concrete sensor can be used to measure the pressure of the concrete.

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