The first Bauer BG 20 H BT 50 rig goes to work

Häring Spezialtiefbau GmbH & Co.KG, based in Pfronten in Allgäu, is the first company in the world to use Bauer’s new BG 20 H BT 50 drilling rig.
The first Bauer BG 20 H BT 50 rig goes to work The first Bauer BG 20 H BT 50 rig goes to work The first Bauer BG 20 H BT 50 rig goes to work The first Bauer BG 20 H BT 50 rig goes to work The first Bauer BG 20 H BT 50 rig goes to work

Häring Spezialtiefbau putting the world’s first Bauer BG 20 H BT 50 drilling rig ‘Bernadette’ to work on a job site in Freiburg, Germany

The fully equipped BG 20 H was put to the test on its first site in Freiburg, where it started operations on the day it was delivered at the end of November 2019. Drilling was carried out in gneiss soil classes 6 and 7, though this was not a problem for ‘Bernadette' as the first BG in the Häring motor pool was fondly nicknamed.

Since then, the BG 20 H has proven its versatility and reliability on various sites. During drilling work for the barrier-free train station in Weinstadt near Stuttgart, steel beams almost 10m long were placed on both sides of the train tracks for a retaining structure up to 10m in depth. This work was carried out during night-time closures in cramped conditions.

Jörg Mayer, one of the three managing directors at Häring, explained that the reasons behind the purchase decision included a transportation height that makes it possible for the BG 20 H to be folded and transported with the company's own semi low bed trucks. Thanks to the ease of transportation of the equipment with KDK and Kelly bar, setup time at the site is extremely short.

Another decisive factor was that during the offer phase Bauer was the only manufacturer who was able to quote a rig equipped with a high-performance, environmentally friendly CAT engine with EU emissions level V.

"More and more often we were not able to carry out inner-city infrastructure contracts with the pile driving equipment in our previous portfolio, so when we expanded our machine fleet we decided on the BG 20 H. We are thus relying on the latest technology from Bauer and operating in compliance with the most current emissions standards," explained Mayer. "We are very satisfied with our BG 20 H BT 50 and extremely impressed with its low noise levels. This is a great relief for the machine operator as well as for site personnel and of course local residents."

Häring Spezialtiefbau GmbH & Co.KG, an innovative specialist foundation engineering company, which was founded in 2014 and currently has almost 50 employees, is not just pleased about the BG 20 H's premiere. In autumn 2016, the company was also the first recipient of the RG 16 pile driver with Silent Vibro system.

Häring is also at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to injection plants and will shortly be putting a MAT IPC 180-D injection plant from Bauer MAT Slurry Handling Systems into operation, which will be the first plant of its type in Europe to be equipped with a diesel particle filter, stage V motor and special silent power pack.

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