KLEMM drilling rigs in the UK

The long-standing professional relationship between German drill rig manufacturer KLEMM Bohrtechnik and UK distributor Skelair International continues to pay dividends
KLEMM drilling rigs in the UK KLEMM drilling rigs in the UK KLEMM drilling rigs in the UK KLEMM drilling rigs in the UK KLEMM drilling rigs in the UK

A KLEMM KR 709-3G, supplied by Skelair International to J. Murphy & Sons, in operation at Iver station, London

"For more than two decades Skelair International Ltd. has been our competent and reliable partner for the drilling rig market in Great Britain," says Thorsten Marquard, regional sales director at KLEMM Bohrtechnik "To date, together with Skelair, we have been able to place more than 150 rigs in various areas of special foundations. In the UK most of our hydraulic crawler drill rigs are used for ‘restricted access piling' applications, i.e. for the construction of micro piles in confined spaces with sometimes difficult access."

Specific applications

A prominent example of this specific application sector is the current LOCROS West Project in London where KLEMM customer and civil engineering company J. Murphy & Sons recently carried out parts of the redesign construction works of the Iver Station.

Within this project, it was necessary to provide stepless access to the Iver Station, install lifts, improve the power supply, cross bridges and build a new ticket office. Confined conditions, difficult access, the need to ensure the highest safety standards for operating personnel and the environment posed particular challenges for the used drilling equipment - especially since the work was carried out while the station was in operation.

Using the radio remote-controlled KLEMM KR 709-3G, specially designed for these conditions, a total of 26 micro-piles with a drill diameter of 450mm and a maximum drilling depth of 13.5m were installed.

"The restrictions of the site and the associated health and safety risks made it clear to us that the KLEMM KR 709-3G would be the most versatile of rigs to work within this environment. Manufactured to the highest standard, enhancing European EN16228 legislation conformity and delivering a TIER 4 final 160kW engine, the KLEMM KR 709-3G was the ideal solution for operating on London projects," explains Steph Keane, sales director, Skelair.

In close cooperation with KLEMM's partner Skelair, the work was carried out successfully and on schedule, taking into account all of the customer's specifications. John Scannell (construction manager, Murphy Ground Engineering) confirms: "The KLEMM KR 709-3G was immediately attractive to us as this project was being completed in a restrictive and live environment. The ability to control the rig remotely was a great asset to us on-site to both crew and rig operators in terms of health and safety compliance."


KLEMM Bohrtechnik also offers other high-quality and practice-oriented solutions. The KR 801-3GS drilling rig for geotechnical and drill and grout applications is used especially for the English market, as is the KR 702-2R mini crawler rig with separate power pack and optional diesel or electric drive, and the very compact KR 708-3G (with variable mast lengths). From Skelair's rental fleet, the most essential and sought-after equipment for rental is usually available at short notice.

As standard, all KLEMM drilling rigs meet the latest exhaust and safety standards. The control system complies with Performance Level C (ISO 13849). As an option, the rigs are equipped with an ‘Energy Efficiency Package', which adapts the actual power required to the working situation and the diesel engine, thus ensuring efficient and resource-saving operation.

"For future projects, we are already working in close cooperation with our customers in England to meet the ever-increasing requirements and standards while not losing sight of the customers' interests," says Thorsten Marquard.

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