Liebherr in the Bay of Kotor

Briv Construction d.o.o. is using a Liebherr drilling rig LB 24 for the deep foundation work on the Portonovi project in Kumbor. The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro is known as the southernmost fjord in Europe and it is there in Kumbor that the luxury resort Portonovi is being built, the former base for naval aircraft and divers.
Liebherr in the Bay of Kotor Liebherr in the Bay of Kotor Liebherr in the Bay of Kotor Liebherr in the Bay of Kotor Liebherr in the Bay of Kotor

A Liebherr LB 24 being used by Briv Construction to drilling piles from a barge at the Portonovi project in Kumbor

The former barracks of the Yugoslavian People's Army in Kumbor makes way for picturesque bays and the hotel belonging to the South African luxury chain One&Only. Villas, apartments and piers as well as recreational and shopping facilities are being developed on approximately 1.4km of coastline.

One of the companies working on the prestige project for the tourist region is Briv Construction. The biggest challenge for the deep foundation company is the stabilisation of the beach section. Briv is relying on a Liebherr LB 24 and is drilling the piles required in the bay from a barge.

The first pile for this project was drilled by Briv in 2014. Since then the company has installed 70km of piles using 22,000m³ of concrete and 3,400t of reinforcements. The piles are 32m deep, have a diameter of up to 800mm and are fully cased. The tools used are rock drilling augers and buckets.

Briv had calculated with the installation of one pile per day. However, due to the good daily performance of the LB 24, latterly even three to four piles were installed, including concreting. "The drilling rig combines power and precision. The control system is simply the best," says machine operator Hanic Almir, describing the LB 24's handling.

Briv is also installing drilled piles for the luxury hotel's pier. Furthermore, breakwaters are being built in the harbour area for protection.

In addition to the LB 24, Briv is using two LB 28drilling rigs, the piling and drilling LRB 125 rig, the HS 873 HD duty cycle crawler crane and the LTM 1100 mobile crane, all from Liebherr, for the project.