First application of the new Bauer BG 23 H compact in Berlin

Bauer’s newly developed BG 23 H BT 65, the compact version of the company’s BG 23 H, the latest equipment in the Bauer BG 23 product family, successfully completed its first practical application with flying colours in Berlin.

 Bauer’s newly developed, compact BG 23 H BT 65 has made a successful debut on a job site in Berlin

Bauer’s newly developed, compact BG 23 H BT 65 has made a successful debut on a job site in Berlin

Bauer's customer PST Grundbau Berlin successfully used the compact equipment on an urban construction site in the Charlottenburg district of Berlin. For the foundation of a future residential building, the equipment was used to construct piles with a diameter of 880mm up to a depth of 14m in the construction soil, which was predominantly composed of fine sand. The groundwater depth was 7.5m.

Especially on urban sites, where cramped spaces and construction noise often pose major challenges, the BG 23 H excels with its compact UW 50 undercarriage. With a transport width of 2.4m and a transport height of just 3.4m, including Kelly bar, PST Grundbau Berlin experienced first-hand how perfectly suited the drilling rig is for urban projects.

The integrated diesel engine (Stage V/Tier 4 final) also ensures minimal noise emissions, a significant environmental factor, with a noise level of 108db(A) at 1,850U/min.

The equipment is outfitted with the Bauer operating assistant CrowdPlus, enabling a significant increase in retraction force. At the press of a button, the operator can activate the main and pull-down winch, thereby releasing maximum force at the casing. This provides relief for the operator while also minimising rope wear and improving the efficiency of the drilling rig. In many cases, there is no need to use an additional casing oscillator.

"With the new compact version of our BG 23 H, we now have the perfect equipment for flexible and efficient work on cramped sites," said Frank Heldner, workshop manager at PST Grundbau Berlin.