Liebherr-MCCtec awarded gold sustainability rating from EcoVadis

Liebherr-MCCtec GmbH has announced that it has been awarded a gold medal from independent corporate responsibility auditor EcoVadis.
Liebherr-MCCtec awarded gold sustainability rating from EcoVadis Liebherr-MCCtec awarded gold sustainability rating from EcoVadis Liebherr-MCCtec awarded gold sustainability rating from EcoVadis Liebherr-MCCtec awarded gold sustainability rating from EcoVadis Liebherr-MCCtec awarded gold sustainability rating from EcoVadis

Developments such as its Unplugged series of electric rigs and cranes has seen Liebherr awarded a gold medal for sustainability by independent corporate responsibility auditor EcoVadis

EcoVadis is the world's most trusted business sustainability rating supplier with over 75,000 companies participating.

Liebherr-MCCtec is part of the Liebherr Group and is a divisional holding company for maritime cranes, crawler cranes, duty cycle crawler cranes as well as pilling and drilling rigs for deep foundation work.

The gold medal for Liebherr-MCCtec places it in the top five per cent of all rated companies for sustainability and within the top three per cent of manufacturing companies globally.

EcoVadis scores sustainability using indicators in four key areas; environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Liebherr's gold medal from EcoVadis marks a clear progression from the silver medals awarded in 2019 to Liebherr Container Cranes Ltd. in Ireland and Liebherr-MCCtec Rostock GmbH in Germany. It signifies progression and validation of the group's corporate responsibility policies and approach.

Speaking about the award, Liebherr-MCCtec's corporate responsibility manager, Tatjana Grissemann commented: "Responsibility and care for the environment have always been a key component of Liebherr philosophy. We have been part of our respective communities for many decades and we have always cared for our local environment. Today, we carry that same responsibility with us, but as part of the global supply chain, we have a global responsibility."

As an international company with well over 48,000 employees, the Liebherr Group bears a great responsibility for society and the environment. This is why the family-run Liebherr Group has also set itself a clear goal by anchoring the issue of sustainability in its core values. As part of the Liebherr Group, one of its core values is responsibility:

"We aim at all times to fulfil our responsibility to society in general and to the environment," said Grissemann. "We are convinced that we shall only achieve long-term success if we remain aware of this responsibility in all our activities. Protection of humanity and the environment is of special importance in our business activities. This means that our products and the processes used to manufacture them must be safe, efficient and environmentally acceptable."

All-electric portal harbour cranes, a battery-powered series of construction equipment as part of Liebherr's Unplugged series along with its hybrid and electric powered port and terminal equipment give its customers the power to choose environmentally sustainable products. As governments, society and consumers demand more accountability from business, Liebherr's commitment to sustainability, not only on the environmental front but across human rights, procurement and labour give its customers confidence that Liebherr is the sustainable choice.

Grissemann added: "Our recent success is not the end, merely a step along the way. We will continue to do better; we endeavour to improve. We have mapped out a future pathway and are working to embed a culture of assuming responsibility towards the environment and people at all levels of the company - from employees to management. We have refreshed and expanded our Corporate Responsibility Policy taking into account our long term strategic goals including defining targets for quantifiable KPIs across emissions, energy and employee health. Furthermore, as part of the Liebherr Group we look forward to participating in a group-wide sustainability report, a further commitment to the future of our planet and to more transparency across our supply chains."

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