Tysim low headroom KR300ES rig installs piles at TaiHang steel plant

Tyhen Foundation’s low headroom Tysim KR300ES rotary drilling rig has been utilised in HeBei TaiHang Iron and Steel Group’s restructuring relocation project at one of its plants in China.

 A Tysim low headroom KR300ES being used in the reconstruction project of the TaiHang steel plant

A Tysim low headroom KR300ES being used in the reconstruction project of the TaiHang steel plant

Wu'An city, where the stell plant is, is located at the eastern foot of TaiHang Mountain, China, surrounded by mountains and rolling hills, it is rich in mineral resources with geological conditions constituted by mainly backfill soil, silty clay, weathering and breeze fossil limestone. The geological conditions are extremely complicated, and thereby increased the difficulties of construction.

The work is being conducted in a workshop with a height restriction of 11m and is a narrow construction site. The piles being installed in this limited access location are 800mm in diameter with a depth of about 20-31m. Tyhen's KR300ES was able to drill 4m deep in the breeze fossil limestone, which is a reflection of the stability and reliability of the rig, as well as the excellent judgment of the operator.

The restructuring and relocation project of the iron and steel division of HeBei TaiHang Iron and Steel Group is part of the ‘HeBei Province iron and Steel industry structure adjustment programme' and it is the 13th five-year development plan of HeBei Province; It is also an important project for HeBei Province to promote the work of reduction of oversupply.

The project adopts prolonged metallurgical manufacturing technology, with plans to build two sintering machines covering 300m2 each, one production line of 1.2 million tons pellet grate and rotary kiln, two blast furnaces sized 1,520m3, two 120t converters, one hot rolling line of 1,780, and one cold rolling line of thin plate. Upon completion, the project will have a production capacity of 2.68 million tons of iron and 2.8 million tons of steel.

The implementation of the project bears huge significance to HeBei Province, as it will help in steel production capacity reduction process, equipment upgrading, quality improvement and industrial upgrading; it is also an important step forward to propel HeBei Province's iron and steel industry from being large to be strong in production.

The Tysim KR300ES low headroom, fully-hydraulic, rotary drilling rig has been recognised and praised by customers ever since it entered the market and has won over the trust and support of customers. Currently, Tysim has registered more than 50 core patents, and the whole series of products have passed the CE certification certified by the European Union. Tysim products have been exported to Australia, Russia, the US, Argentina, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Qatar, Zambia and 30 other countries and regions.

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