FPS Awards 2022 - the winners

The UK’s Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) held its annual awards ceremony at the beginning of October in London. This year’s edition of the Awards, sponsored by Cleveland Steel & Tubes, celebrated the outstanding achievements of individuals and companies of the FPS and in particular, the contribution made to the piling and ground engineering industry.

 The winners at the 2022 FPS Awards

The winners at the 2022 FPS Awards

The winners announced at the 2022 FPS Awards are:

Safety Innovation Award - Sponsored by Keller

Bachy Soletanche - for its ‘Training & IGuard' - a training programme and card-based authorisation system that ensures that only competent rig drivers can operate the specific rig being used on site. Bachy has implemented an end-to-end process for targeting the training of an operator needs, accurately logging their experience in the seat and ensuring the right operator is working in the right rig.

Shortlisted were Keller and Van Elle.

Efficiency Through Technology Award - Sponsored by Soilmec

Vibro Menard - for its ‘OMNIBOX' - an all-in-one development, which enables a smooth data exchange from office-to-site-to-office and provides intelligent pilot assistance to operators for several ground improvement techniques. Vibro Menard built its own system for digitising the production process, which is bringing improvements at every stage of the piling process. This system makes it easier to respond to issues, saving time and facilitating live product support.

Shortlisted were Expanded Geotechnical and Franki Foundations.

Carbon Reduction Award - Sponsored by Cementation Skanska

Cementation Skanska - for its ‘Low Carbon Guide Wall System' - the development of a new low carbon guide wall system, incorporating innovative basalt reinforcement, for what is believed to be a UK industry first. Specifically, this system reduces embodied carbon by over 50%, using basalt and low carbon concrete. At the end of its use, it can be broken down and reused in line with circular economy principles, and the journey from concept to on-site implementation was just six months and ran in partnership with HS2, National Highways and the NCC.

Shortlisted were Expanded Geotechnical and Van Elle.

Early Career Award - Sponsored by Bauer Equipment

Elliot Bullman of BAM Ritchies took this award, with the judges commenting: "After graduating from Camborne School of Mines, Elliot joined BAM Ritchies less than two years ago. Despite being caught in the middle of a pandemic, his drive for personal development and professional progression has been spectacular and has seen him develop into a confident and competent key member of the company's drill and blast team."

Shortlisted were Oliver Hart, Cementation Skanska and Ryan Pickering, FK Lowry.

Lifetime Achievement Award, Sponsored by Acero Construction

Jim Martin of Byland Engineering. Martin, who has recently retired after working in the ground engineering sector for 40 plus years, began his career on the Cementation Graduate Training Scheme, working under Ken Fleming on major projects such as the Trident Submarine Ship Lift foundations. In the late ‘80s Martin worked in the mining sector, before moving back into a ground engineering focused role at Keller Conlrete, before moving over to Cementation Skanska, as technical director of its Ground Engineering Division. In 2005 Martin joined Byland Engineering, as co-owner, working for a wide variety of FPS members on a range of complex schemes.

Martin was chair of the ICE Yorkshire Geotechnical Committee from 2001-2008, and has authored a number of award-winning technical papers, most notably winning the Yorkshire ICE Merit Award in 1999 for the Design, Construction and Performance of a Temporary Reticulated Micropile Retaining Wall at Horsfall Tunnel.

Through his detailed knowledge of design and construction, Martin also authored the ‘new' section on micropiles in the ICE SPERWall 3rd Edition and within the ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering.

FPS chair's Award - Sponsored by Cleveland Steel and Tubes

Luke Deamer of Keller. Deamer has made a special contribution to the industry and to the FPS in particular and is something of an unsung hero, whose work within the many FPS committees' affects real change. Deamer is one of the leading lights in the geotechnical industry's attempt to be carbon neutral by 2050.

As vice chair of both the FPS and the EFFC Sustainability Working Groups, Deamer has literally written the manual on how members should approach the subject of sustainability, adopt best practice and ultimately reduce their carbon footprint. First with Keller, and now on a European scale, he has helped overcome the initial barriers of putting sustainability at the heart of business planning, by making it understandable, measurable and, ultimately, achievable.

Despite being heavily involved with the FPS and the EFFC, Deamer is still available to Keller business units worldwide to help and advise on sustainability issues and play a leading role in developing policy, promoting best practice, and shaping its commitments to carbon neutrality.

However, what makes Deamer unique is that he understands that sustainability is bigger than one company and best practice must be shared to create a revolution and change the world for the better.

The FPS would also like to formally thank the Award's sponsors for their support: Cleveland Steel and Tubes, Barker Ross, Cementation Skanska, Soilmec, Bauer Equipment, Keller, Acero Construction, F Brazil, Vibro Menard, GSS Piling, Liebherr and Casagrande.

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