Next-generation drilling: Mincon MP-Series DTH hammers

Mincon Group has unveiled its next-generation DTH hammer range that will be available starting in 2023. The product range is centred around high-efficiency DTH hammers that combine class-leading penetration rates with proven energy savings that will help customers reduce their drilling costs and carbon emissions.
Next-generation drilling: Mincon MP-Series DTH hammers Next-generation drilling: Mincon MP-Series DTH hammers Next-generation drilling: Mincon MP-Series DTH hammers Next-generation drilling: Mincon MP-Series DTH hammers Next-generation drilling: Mincon MP-Series DTH hammers

The MP-Series is Mincon’s next generation of DTH hammers

Mincon's MP-Series is the company's next generation of DTH hammers. It starts with the MP30, a 3in-class hammer that can be equipped with drill bits between 85mm (3.4in) and 105mm (4.2in), and tops out with the MP400, a 40in-class hammer for large-diameter drill bits between 1000mm (39.4in) and 1524mm (60in).

The complete range is made up of the 3in-class hammers: MP30, MP35, MP36; 4in-class hammers: MP40, MP4H; 5in-class hammers: MP50, MP56; 6in and 7in-class hammers: MP60, MP65, MP6H, MP70; 8in and 9in-class hammers: MP80, MP8H, MP90; 10in and 12in-class hammers: MP100, MP120; and the large-diameter hammers (15in to 40in): MP150, MP180, MP240, MP340, MP400.

When it comes to support for drill bits, Mincon's MP-Series of DTH hammers offers unparalleled versatility and compatibility. Each hammer model supports the industry-standard shanks for its size class. Additionally, Mincon offers hammer variants that support drill bits without a footvalve (also known as tubeless drill bits). Drillers may prefer to use drill bits that have no footvalve depending on ground conditions and also for reliability reasons.

Included in this comprehensive range are two all-new models to bolster the large-diameter range: the MP150 and MP400. Both have been designed to deliver efficient performance for piling and foundation drilling.

Since launching its first DTH hammer design in the 1980s, Mincon's ethos of continuous improvement has seen its product range evolve and grow. Mincon's technical experts work closely with drillers to get feedback from work sites, which the engineering, manufacturing, and customer support teams use for the ongoing development of new models.

All models in the next-generation MP-Series of DTH hammers are manufactured at Mincon's state-of-the-art facilities in Ireland and Finland. With ownership of the manufacturing and heat-treatment processes, Mincon is able to ensure that each DTH hammer is built to deliver the most reliable and efficient performance.

The 2023 DTH hammer range offers a comprehensive selection of models for all ground conditions and applications. When used with other products in Mincon's range, including DTH drill bits, drill pipe, and associated accessories, customers will benefit from next-generation drilling technologies that improve penetration rates without compromising on efficiency, while reducing emissions and drilling costs.

Joe Purcell, CEO, Mincon Group, said: "I'm immensely proud of the work our engineers and product teams have done to bring a comprehensive DTH hammer range to market. Thanks to decades of fine-tuning our manufacturing processes and product designs, these next-generation hammers will offer customers real-world cost savings and higher productivity."

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