Aarsleff's largest ever driven pile project

Avonmouth, Bristol is well tracked ground for the rigs of Aarsleff’s UK business, Aarsleff Ground Engineering. The ever-developing commercial hub sees a new warehouse or full logistics park go up each year and Aarsleff has installed the foundations for nearly all the existing mega sheds on the flat plain near where the Bristol Channel meets the River Severn. This work provided the perfect background for what has become the UK business’ largest ever project.

 Aarsleff’s Driven Piling division installed over 15,216 driven precast concrete piles at a site in Bristol

Aarsleff’s Driven Piling division installed over 15,216 driven precast concrete piles at a site in Bristol

Working for ISG, Aarsleff's Driven Piling division started in September 2022 installing over 15,000 driven precast concrete piles using five of the company's Junttan piling rigs. The work continued with a projected project timeline of 18 weeks, with a potential for an additional 300-400 piles to be added prior to completion.

Coming in at around 190,000 linear metres of Centrum UK's precast concrete piles, coordination and logistics had to play a major role. Managed by major project manager, Parth Patel, the project was initially won in July 2022 by bid manager, Dan Coe. The project was a collaboration between the entire Driven Piling department in the UK, headed by driven piling director, Mark Fuller, and operations director, Dan Broadley. The team worked tirelessly to ensure communication was maintained with the client and programmes were met or exceeded.

The logistics park will offer two grade-A opportunities of 406,000 and 882,000sq.ft, with one of the sheds being the largest ever speculatively built warehouse in the UK. The park will total 1.3 million sq.ft of space, providing significant scale to the under-supplied national market.


For the end client, a key scheme theme is sustainability. Both units will target a BREEAM ‘Excellent' and EPC ‘A' rating, along with benefiting from standard sustainability features such as a roof-mounted solar PV array, 15% warehouse rooflights and EV charging points. It wants to be at the forefront of the green transition of the commercial sector in the UK, and Aarsleff has been proud to contribute to this effort by providing CO2e data for the piles installed and their transport to site from Centrum's Newark factory.

Speaking on managing the project, Parth Patel, major projects manager, said: "Bristol XL has been challenging to manage due to the number of changes to the end structure by the client. The communication within our department (Driven Piling & Commercial) has been excellent as we were able to capture each and every variation and communicate this clearly to our client, ISG. This positive collaboration has meant we have received instructed variations of over £700k, increasing the value of this project to £8.4m. Centrum were also able to supply these additional special cast piles in a timely manner to ensure no delays on site. A great project for all involved."

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